Peter Rabbit Easter Biscuits

If you’ve been on the hunt for Easter treats then you might have spotted this beautiful Beatrix Potter Biscuit collection from the Biscuiteers.

Biscuiteers easter

With their help we’ve pulled together the below recipe so you can have a go at creating your own Peter Rabbit inspired biscuits.

We’d love to see your Easter bakes so share your pictures with us @LadybirdBooks #Beatrix150

The Biscuiteers Easy Vanilla Biscuit Recipe

This is the Biscuiteers’ easy vanilla biscuit recipe that they use for their biscuits in the Biscuiteers bakery everyday! If you can’t find vanilla bean paste, then you can use vanilla extract.

Makes 24-30

  • 350g plain flour
  • 100g self-raising flour
  • 125g granulated sugar
  • 125g salted butter softened, diced
  • 125g golden syrup
  • 1 teaspoon of vanilla bean paste
  • 1 large egg lightly beaten


  1. Sift the flours together into a mixing bowl, add the sugar and mix well.
  2. Add the butter. Using just the tips of your fingers, rub the ingredients together until the mixture resembles fine breadcrumbs.
  3. When all the butter is evenly mixed in, make a well in the centre and add the syrup and the egg.
  4. Mix well, drawing in any of the flour left at the side of the bowl, and stop as soon as a ball has formed.
  5. If you need some help with the rolling, have a look at the Biscuiteers golden rules of rolling dough
  6. Bake in the oven for 15-25 minutes depending on the size of your biscuits at 170°C, or until golden brown.

To Ice Your Peter Rabbit Biscuits

Flood icing:

  • 4 egg whites
  • 900g icing sugar
  • A little bit of water
  • Blue and brown food colouring


  1. Make a tube of pale blue and light brown and black line icing, using the recipe above without the water (or if you’re pushed for time we used pre-made icing tubes available from supermarkets)
  2. You’ll also need cream, light brown and baby blue flood icing, using the recipe above.
  3. Follow the step-by-step picture below to do your outline.


  1. Let the line icing dry for 10 minutes at room temperature, then fill each section with your flood colours.
  2. Put the flooded biscuits into the oven for 45 minutes to dry (don’t be worried about the biscuits cooking more- the oven just needs to be set at the lowest temperature to dry the icing).
  3. Bring the biscuits out of the oven and let then cool. You can add on the detail using the rest of your line icing, not forgetting his whiskers and button nose!


For more top tips and tasty biscuits you can visit the Biscuiteers website.

Happy Easter!

Get ready for The Giant Wiggle!

Spring is in the air…  the sun is shining and flowers are blooming, so it’s time for caterpillars to get wiggling! All next week – 21 to 27 March – our friends at Action for Children will be celebrating Giant Wiggles up and down the country. There are fun-filled sponsored walks, activities and storytelling sessions to celebrate The Very Hungry Caterpillar and raise money for a brilliant cause. Here’s everything you need to know to get involved!

1. Register

From nurseries, to childminders, to parents and friends, anyone can take part in a Giant Wiggle. Register here for your 2016 Giant Wiggle fundraising and activity pack!

2. Costume ideas

Watch the video and find out to how to transform into a Very Hungry Caterpillar with just a few pieces of coloured card, some paint, a couple of pipe cleaners and a beanie hat!

3. Caterpillar snacks

Our friends over at Cawston Press are proud sponsors of The Giant Wiggle, and have loads of fun recipe ideas on their website suitable for all little caterpillars.

Keep an eye out on The Happy Foodie next week as well, for some very topical (and very delicious!) recipes inspired by The Very Hungry Caterpillar’s journey.

4. Activity ideas

The Giant Wiggle is a great opportunity to get outside, go for a walk and experience nature. But, English weather being what it is, you’ll find lots of fantastic rainy day craft activities on the Ladybird website too.

5. Storytelling tips

At the centre of all Giant Wiggle activity is Eric Carle’s classic story. Here are some downloadable tips and props for enjoying the book with your little ones, and below is a lovely video of the man himself reading the story to snuggle up and relax with.

And don’t forget to share your Giant Wiggle photos and story! Tag @actnforchildren and @ladybirdbooks on Twitter or email – we can’t wait to hear from you!

Expert tips on getting children to sleep: In the Night Garden The Bedtime Book

In the Night Garden

If your little one struggles to fall asleep at night, help is at hand with the In the Night Garden The Bedtime Book. Written by child sleep expert, Mandy Gurney, this sleepy-time story can help your child relax and drift off to sleep. At the front of the book you’ll find a lovely bedtime routine to follow before reading the story, plus a special relaxation technique to read to your child every night after the story.

Here’s Mandy Gurney on the importance of a bedtime routine:


You can buy In the Night Garden The Bedtime Book here. Do let us know how it works for you, leaving a comment below or on our Facebook page.

Sweet dreams from Ladybird. Zzz…


Mother’s Day wish: a great new book!

What would be on your wish list for Mother’s Day? If you’d love some time curling up with a cup of tea and a great book, here are some suggestions from mummy blogger Sarah. And read on for a Mother’s Day treat: a chance to win a lovely bundle of eight glorious books!

Last weekend, Zach filled his toy tent with all the pillows he could find, a blanket and a selection of books. As I rushed around doing jobs, I heard him chattering away and generally having a very nice time in there.

Z tent

I occasionally glanced into the pillow-filled tent, thinking how much I’d love to curl up in there and shut out the rest of the world, just for a few moments.

Now I appreciate why for years, when asked what she’d like for her birthday or Mother’s Day or Christmas, my own lovely mum would often reply ‘some peace and quiet’. I never thought about it much until becoming a mum, realising a bit of peace and quiet is sometimes not just enough; it is everything.

Of course, flowers and presents or a meal out or – the dream – a spa are great, but it’s also the little things that count, things that were taken for granted before beloved little ones arrived. A lie-in, breakfast in bed, a handmade card or just a few hours off to sleep or read with not a pile of washing in sight.

So in the spirit of celebrating brilliant mothers, this post is dedicated to some books mums might like to read (given the chance) . . .

Three Wishes by Liane Moriarty
This is a funny, sad and riveting read of triplets Lyn, Caitriona and Gemma and their assorted family dramas set in Sydney. Recently, I was ill and binge-read this and two more Liane Moriarty books, The Last Anniversary and The Hypnotist’s Love Story. By the end of them all, I was longing for a trip to Oz and talking to myself in an Aussie accent. Highly recommended.

The Clasp by Sloane Crosley
Witty, intriguing and charming, Stylist called it ‘A thing of pure joy’ and after devouring it in one weekend, I wholeheartedly agree.

Black Eyed Susans by Julia Heaberlin
I think it was Marian Keyes who coined the phrase ‘Grip Lit’, and this is certainly gripping, chilling and full of suspense.

Disclaimer by Renee Knight
Another perfect example of ‘Grip Lit’, this book has such a surprising gasp-out-loud moment it makes you want to go back to the beginning and start all over again.

Anybody Out There? by Marian Keyes
I love re-reading this book every few years; it’s like pulling on a warm jumper but with tear-jerking bits instead of bobbly ones. This is the Walsh family at their finest – be prepared to laugh and cry (a lot).

Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mums out there. Do let us know what you wish for on Mother’s Day.

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Half Term things to do: books, apps and crafty fun!

If you’re looking for things to do this half term, head to our shiny new website for apps, books and crafty fun for your little one. Here are a few suggestions to start you off.


Print and colour in the dinosaur (and don’t forget the poop!)

Dinosaur the Pooped


Bright and colourful pictures with lots of stickers from favourite characters will keep little hands busy.  Take a look at our selection of Peppa Pig sticker activity books.

Peppa Sticker book


If you’re got a little adventurer, scoot over to Skullabones Island, a fun-filled pirate playground for children aged 3-5 years.


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Made with love: Valentine’s crafts for little ones

Spot and the Very Hungry Caterpillar are spreading the love this Valentine’s Day!

Here are two simple and sweet ideas for Valentine’s gifts inspired by the gorgeous heart-shaped I Love You, Spot and the New York Times bestseller, Love from The Very Hungry Caterpillar. So gather your supplies and enjoy a heart-filled hour together, glueing and pasting and creating a special Valentine’s card that little ones can share with someone they love.

Love from The Very Hungry Caterpillar

You are . . . the cherry on my cake . . . the apple of my eye. You make . . . the sun shine brighter . . . my heart flutter . . .

Step by step instructions for The Very Hungry Caterpillar Valentine’s card:

  • Take a piece of A4 card and fold in half.
  • Print out a sheet of the LOVE end papers.
  • Cut out five heart shapes and stick them onto the card, overlapping slightly to make the body/head of the caterpillar.
  • Cut out six letter ‘L’ out of black card/paper and stick on the body/head for the legs and antennae.
  • Add some smaller heart shapes for the end of the antennae.
  • Cut out or draw on a heart shaped nose and a big smiley mouth. Add some googly eyes. If you don’t have any, draw them on with black felt tip).
  • Add a special message to someone you love and give them their lovebug card along with a great big hug!


I Love You, Spot 

Follow these step-by-step instructions for a lovely card, filled with hearts and flowers! You can also print this craft instruction sheet.

Spot card

 Happy crafting and a very Happy Valentine’s Day from Ladybird!