Bedtime Stories

With the summer holidays over, it’s now all about getting
back to school and some sort of routine. We have reinstated bedtime reading at
home which had fallen by the wayside over the holidays and I’m back to encouraging my seven year old to read to herself. She loves books, but really prefers to be read
to. I love reading to her, but it gets a bit tricky to fit this in every night,
particularly as the stories she now enjoys – with less pictures – have got
longer. I’m not overly concerned by her reluctance to read, as I’ve been told by
her teacher that this is fine at the moment, the most important thing is to make sure books
and stories are part of her life, but I really want her enjoy reading alone
(good for her, easier for me).

Reading in bed

From past experience, I’m sure that once she meets up with
her school friends again, they will start working out how many ‘chapter books’ they
have read and the competition to keep up will drive her forward. I'll use the tip I've was given by her last teacher – start a chapter, stop at an exciting bit and then ask her to finish it by herself. I’m hoping that she’ll
want to whizz through the stories without the need for mummy to read every
night and do all the different voices! We shall see….

Shelley, Ladybird Marketing

For tips on learning to read visit the Ladybird Advice and Resources page

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