First Focus Cot Book. Yellow, white and black is the new black…

In my previous [seemingly distant] life working on the marketing of Ladybird Books I remember the First Focus Cot book being taken to a sample group of mums for their feedback. They were a bit lukewarm at first which seemed strange and it was only when we probed them that one mother confessed rather sheepishly (and to the dismay of the editor in the room at the time) that she wouldn't buy it as it didn't match her nursery…!
Of course they were a lot more keen when it was explained how the book worked and when they saw how their own babies reacted, but how I now understand that comment about the nursery! Yes I have turned my daughter Eva's room into one totally of my own taste – one whose pastel design and trendy vintage florals are totally lost on a 6 week old who is learning to focus. But more fool I because from the moment she caught sight of the First Focus at a whopping 7 days old, she has been entranced. At the beginning she seemed to only like two of the panels, spending 10 minutes at a time staring at the checkerboard 'page' and the wiggly lines rather than those that were more like pictures. Obviously she was easily pleased. A bit like her mum with a Sunday TV marathon of Come Dine with Me.

Eva reading 1

The attraction has continued as now she has reached the ripe old age of 6 weeks she spends up to 30 minutes at a time staring at the book and giggling (the smile is a recent development that has gone down rather well in a house surviving on limited sleep). I've also taken to propping her up on a cushion and moving it far away and she looks at the whole thing.

Eva reading 2

In my sleep deprived imagination, it almost seems like she's 'reading' it.

So I'm a total convert to the yellow, black and white thing and I can't recommend it enough. Err, yes it doesn't match the nursery but it's a total hit with Eva and those 30 minutes of entertainment that it gives her, gives me just enough time to have a cuppa, or hang the washing out or, um, watch an episode of Come Dine with Me. 

Also this week…Eva has clocked and is loving her Panda nightlight: A great distraction at nap and bed time.

Plus her Tiny Love baby gym has finally come into its own as she has started to kick and reach out

Eva with baby gym

Hayley, Ladybird Marketing

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One thought on “First Focus Cot Book. Yellow, white and black is the new black…

  1. My son LOVED his First Focus Cot Book (and no, it didn’t match his bedroom at all!). We used to take it everywhere with us as it would calm him in new places and distract him if a bit ragged. In doctor’s waiting rooms it was a definite hit with comments like “look, he’s so little and reading already!” We also used to line one side of his pram with it when going for walks while he was awake. It matched the pram! Milo also had the Tiny Love Baby Gym… elephant was the first animal he reached up and kicked. He still likes elephant at almost two!

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