Monster Madness at Moshi book signing

Phew! It was a busy half term at Laybird with the launch of our first ever Moshi Monsters books – The Moshling Collector’s Guide and My Moshi Monsters Joke book, at WHSmiths, Westfield.  We were thrilled to see hundreds of children queuing up excitedly to meet their virtual hero, Mr Moshi. At one point it felt like we had brought Westfield shopping centre to a virtual standstill!


Mr Moshi ready to sign..and sign…and sign…

We know that even for the most patient children, waiting in line can be a challenge, so while they waited, the children got to have their faces painted, were entertained by a balloon modeller and even met two of the much loved monsters, Poppet and Furi. The first 150 children in the queue to get their book signed got an extra special goody bag to take home and everyone was treated to a yummy Moshi cupcake!

Mr Moshi (aka Michael Acton Smith) with Furi and Poppet

If you’ve not already got a Moshi fan in your house, here's a brief explanation: Moshi Monsters has more than 29 million players and is one of the fastest-growing websites in the world. So if your children don't know about it yet, the chances are they will soon! The site allows children to adopt their own free pet monster, play games, customise their homes, explore the virtual world and solve educational puzzles.  It's so popular, that some of the Ladybird team give their children the incentive of playing on Moshi Monsters as a pay off for getting their homework done!


And here are our happy Moshi Monsters fans with Mr Moshi and their signed books. 

 Visit the Ladybird bookshop to read more about – and look inside – the Moshi Monsters books.
Clip_image004 We'll be in touch again soon.

The Ladybird Team

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