Baby Eva’s first visit to Ladybird HQ

There was a treat for us in the office last week with the official introduction of baby Eva to the world of Ladybird. Eva is the very gorgeous daughter of Hayley, our  Head of Marketing. You’d think most three month olds would have enough to cope with, what with sorting out when they want to feed and sleep (and feed again) and so could quite easily live without an inaugural visit to their Mummy’s place of work, but Eva seemed to take the oohing and ahhing – coming from rather a lot of us -  in her bite-sized stride.

Eva's First day in the office
A cuddle from some of the Ladybird team

Eva checks out some details about upcoming books

Eva seemed particularly interested in our schedule of upcoming books

Of course it wasn’t just a bit of cooing Eva had to cope with. Never ones to pass up an opportunity to introduce a baby to our Baby Touch range, we asked her to peruse a few samples that will be added to the range next March. We knew that she’d enjoyed our First Focus range for newborns,  so were keen to see her reaction to something with more colour and texture. 

Baby Touch jacket
It’s really brilliant to see first hand just how well babies react to this series and Eva was no exception. She really did seem taken with the bright colours and squeaky noises coming from the books. In fact, she liked them so much she took a couple to chew on the train on the way home.

So thanks Hayley for making it in via those two train journeys with not just a baby on board but a buggy, changing bag and at least two other bulging bags containing goodness only knows what (but I can verify as a mum myself, that they would have been absolutely essential to combat any eventuality that presented itself during the day). What used to be a quick dash out of the house now needs to be planned with meticulous military precision! We really loved having Eva visit us and look forward to seeing her again very soon.

Nichola, Ladybird Publicity

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