Present list

Hayley is looking forward to baby Eva's first Christmas…

Unbelievably I was being asked for Christmas present ideas for Eva as early as September (sadly no one asks me what I would like anymore). So with this in mind and buoyed by the recent arrival of another mini-ladybird in the team, I thought I would compile my list of the top five Ladybird books to buy for a new baby.

If you are in a similar position and being asked for present ideas or if there is a new baby that you are buying for, I hope this gives you some inspiration.

1. First Focus Cot Book – from the moment they enter this world,  the striking patterns and simple images intrigues them. I credit this book with developing Eva's ability to self-settle. Now that is a gift that any new parent would have on their Christmas list!


A newborn Eva in August, riveted by the First Focus Cot Book

2. Baby Touch Smile Buggy Book – Sheepishly I confess that I hung this off my shiny new pram on day one and then never used it. What a show-off! Talk about style over substance! BUT now that Eva is sitting up and I find myself getting her out of her pram to sit on my lap while I attempt to have a coffee with a friend, this fabulously portable book is the perfect distraction. At £4.99 it's arather neat first stocking-filler too.


3. Ladybird First Favourite Nursery Rhymes – As a new parent you'll quickly discover that an awful lot of toys and baby equipment feature nursery rhyme tunes. Unfortunately, you also quickly realise you've long ago forgotten the words! Refresh your memory with this beautifully illustrated treasury of all the best loved  rhymes.

Eva reading with granny_2
Eva enjoying First Favourite Nursery Rhymes with Nanny Woah!

4. Baby Touch Snuggle Cloth book – Most definitely the first book that a baby can really get their hands on and a big hit in our house now. Eva loves 'turning' the pages herself. And, err, putting it on her head as she squeals.  Look at inside this book.

5. Whose Stripes – The first book we are using as part of Eva's bedtime routine as of last week. She's mesmerised by the giant flaps and loves hearing me read it to her. A perfect first step in sharing a book at bedtime.


We wish you a lovely Christmas and all the best for 2011.

Hayley, Head of Marketing (and mini Ladybird Eva)

Visit the Ladybird bookshop.

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