A Royal Wedding to remember

April 29th. Are you counting the days? As the Royal wedding approaches, the excitement is building and judging by the parties being planned by members of the Ladybird team, it will be a day of celebration with lots of glasses raised to the royal bride and groom.

At Ladybird we have a long tradition of royal publishing and as well as books on the Queen and the Queen Mother (amongst others), we have produced souvenir editions for the weddings of Prince Charles and Lady Diana (1981) and Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson (1986).
Check out the vintage look below!

        Royal wedding C&D 1981_small        Andrew & Sarah 1986_small

This year, to mark the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton we’re celebrating with two quite different books:

William and Kate: The Royal Wedding is a full colour picture souvenir book, that’s hugely collectable and great for all Royal Wedding fans,  both young and old. 

The book covers their romance and engagement, from how they first met at university, to how they became one of the most famous couples in the world. In fact it’s classic Ladybird royal publishing at its best, for a whole new generation.

Then there’s the William & Kate Dress-up Dolly book. This is a fabulous,  kitsch, cut-out-and-keep paper doll book.

There’s no age limit to enjoying a bit of cutting-out and dolly dressing-up and we’ve found in hard to resist this book in the office.

A couple of our designers have even managed to bring the book to life with this fun animation:

With so much interest around Kate’s wardrobe,  it’s impossible not to follow what she’s been wearing.  Even the least romantic amongst us have been having a bit of fun dressing her ourselves – and it seems the UK’s fashionistas have been tempted too, with a mention in this month’s Cosmopolitan. Now, we think William and Kate are quite a modern prince and princess-to-be, with what seems to be a great sense of humour. We’ve not heard royal word back yet, but we’re pretty sure they’d like this playful book

The official Royal Wedding site has just been launched,  so we can all follow the latest updates and see what is planned for the day itself.  There’s no doubt that April 29th will be a day to remember. So whether you’ll be camping out in the Royal Mall the night before, throwing a street party, or just really pleased you’ve got the day off and can watch it all on the telly, we hope you have a great day. Do let us know what you've got planned,  we'd love to know.

The Ladybird team.

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9 thoughts on “A Royal Wedding to remember

  1. Louise says:

    I’ve got those 2 Royal Wedding books from the 1980s! It’s funny because I wondered whether Ladybird would publish a similar one for William & Kate. I loved those books so much. I hope today’s children will love the new books just as much. Keep up the good work Ladybird!

  2. Kate B says:

    Wow- I had both the books from the 80s and absolutely loved them. I never got rid of them so will have to dig them out in my parents’ home. I’ll have to get the William and Kate one for my daughter to enjoy (even though she’s only one!!)

  3. Emma says:

    I have both the old books and was looking forward to adding to my collection with a third. Now that they’re married why don’t you do another one with the same format as the first ones? We need that Wedding Day pic on the front in the oval frame. Pretty please.

  4. Claire says:

    I totally agree with Emma, I really think you should do a souvenir edition like the previous ones. There is definitely a high demand for it. It would make sense to have a book with all the photos from the day, including things like the cake, the group photos, leaving for honeymoon etc.

  5. sam j says:

    I agree with previous posts. I would love to see a book with the same format as previous books, giving sketches of the dress, meanings, flowers , cake etc. I could then add it to my collection to pass on to my daughter!
    Please let me know if you write one!

  6. Tina says:

    Really disappointed you aren’t doing a souvenir edition of the wedding. Pictures of the actual day are the best bit! I also have the previous two and was really hoping to get a Kate and Wills one to add to the collection.

  7. Sharon says:

    As the previous posts, I was really looking forward to a souvenir edition of the wedding to add to my collection of royal wedding books which I still have today.
    Although the Wills and Kate book is lovely, it would be fantastic if Ladybird published one for the actual wedding, so many people enjoyed watching the wedding that it would be a shame not to produce a book to keep.
    Please, please, please Ladybird you are missing something big here

  8. Thank you to everyone for your comments. I’m afraid we don’t have any plans to publish a further edition about the details of the day itself but we’’re pleased to say that our souvenir book William and Kate: The Royal Wedding has been very successful and we’ve had lots of great feedback from readers.

  9. Katrina says:

    I agree with all the previous posts, and really think you’re missing a trick here Ladybird – clearly a huge number of people out there are looking for the actual wedding book on William & Kate (I still am in September!), and are disappointed at its lack of appearance. I really hope you reconsider, even at this late stage. All the other books on the market don’t complete a “set” started in the 80s, which is what we’re all hoping for! Maybe publish one in time for Christmas…?

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