Calling all babies – review a new Ladybird book!

At Ladybird we love getting feedback on our books from mums and dads (and grannies and grandads -  well everyone really!). So, as we have four lovely new Baby Touch books out this month, we thought it would be a great opportunity to see if some of our blog readers would like to road test a book with their baby.

 Babytouch_beepbeep Babytouch_playbook  Babytouch_peepo Babytouch_buggy

If you would like to receive your very own copy of one of these books to review,  just let us know by leaving a comment to this post and include the title of which Baby Touch book you fancy. We'll then put names in a hat and select our reviewers*.

You can share your chosen book with your baby and see how they enjoy it. When you are ready you can let us know what you (and baby) think by leaving your review on   Easy peasy.

If you'd like to read more about each book  – and even have a sneaky peek inside – you can browse the Baby Touch range in the Ladybird bookshop.

If you'd like some tips on reading with your baby,  visit our advice pages

*Two copies of the four books pictured are available for review, only one review copy per person. Leave your comment by Midnight 18th April 2011. Reviewers will be contacted on 19th April 2011.

44 thoughts on “Calling all babies – review a new Ladybird book!

  1. Julie Garscadden says:

    Hi, I would love to review Big Noisy Playbook. I think this would be an excellent book for my daughter, and all babies to learn different shapes and sounds etc. I think all the Baby touch books look really good and I shall certainly be adding some of them to my daughter’s ever growing book collection. She is only 6 months but we have a shelf full of books already and she loves a good book.

  2. Sarah says:

    My 15 month old daughter loves anything that makes noise and loves all of our Baby Touch books so I think she’d love the Big Noisy Playbook. We spend a lot of time reading and it would be lovely to have a nice new book to share.

  3. Kate B says:

    My daughter and I would love to review ‘Peepo Teddy’. She’s 14 months old and ‘peepo’ is one of her favourite words!

  4. I’d love to review one of these , my 10 month old loves books! (As do my other two,of course 😉 )He’d probably prefer Peepo Teddy 🙂

  5. pamela thompson says:

    My daughter Zara-Marie would love to have a look and read of the big noisy play book,she loves colourful books and this one looks perfect for her.

  6. Caroline Jeffries says:

    Hi, me and my daughter would love to review the Big Noisy Playbook, she’s 14 months old and loves books, she has a few noisy books which she loves to sit and flip the pages on, pressing the buttons and feeling different textures, so I think she would love to look at this book! 🙂

  7. Beverley Smith says:

    I would really like to review ‘Big noisy playbook’. I have an eight month old boy and he is really getting into books now and loves anything interactive.

  8. Joy Bardell says:

    i would like to review the buggy book as my little one
    loves books ,but we have never had one that attaches to the buggy

  9. Elizabeth Perry says:

    My little one who is 15 months old loves looking at book and loves cars. I have fond memories of looking at books with my eldest son and from childhood memories of my own. I would love to review the beep beep book. 🙂

  10. Nicola Webb says:

    Hiya, Ella (14months) loves Baby Touch books… we’d love to review either the Buggy Book or maybe Peepo Teddy… Thank you! Nicola

  11. Naomi Morris says:

    As a mum expecting her first baby later this year, I would be very interested in previewing either the star buggy book or the big noisey playbook. I have very fond memories of reading ladybird books when I was very young, and reading them with my younger brother. I still have them all in my study at home for when my child will be old enough to enjoy them. I would love to be able to review one of the books when my beautiful baby arrives.

  12. Emma says:

    My 9 month old really enjoys his Baby Touch Play Book (especially the bumpy green bit), and also the Baby Touch iPad app. He’d love to try the Beep Beep vehicles book, or the Big Noisy Playbook.

  13. Bryony Braschi says:

    My 9 month old and I would like to review the Big Noisy Playbook, though we don’t really mind, any of the books would be great!

  14. Emma Cox says:

    I would love the opportunity to read the Big Noisy Playbook. My 21 month old loves colours and sounds and even tries to read along with stories.

  15. Sarah says:

    Would love to review the Big Noisy Playbook with my 11 month old son. He loves anything that makes a lot of noise!

  16. Sally Millard says:

    My daughter is 9 months old and loves turning the pages, books with textures, and trying to get at her older sister’s books too. We are a family who love books. I think that Naomi would really enjoy ‘Beep Beep’ with the different shaped tabs and lots of vehicles. We would love to review any one of them otherwise, as they all look great.

  17. tahirat a says:

    would love to review the beep beep book with my 11 month old daughter. She loves the different sounds on her toys and would love this.

  18. Joanna Howell says:

    Alfie Jim is 2, he loves cars and he loves his Baby Touch books. He and I would be delighted to review Beep Beep.

  19. Barbara Fabian says:

    I would like to review Babytouch buggy book please. I think Jake age 2 and Alex age 1 would love to explore this book with me. Thank you.

  20. deborah says:

    My 1yr old daughter and I would love to try the Big Noisy Playbook as she delights in anything that makes noise and tries to be even louder!! thanks

  21. Jennifer says:

    I would love to review the Big Noisy Playbook with my son. He’s only 5 months old but already loves books, and anything that crinkles is a bonus too!

  22. Charlotte Bradley says:

    My daughter loves stories, and the word “noise”, so would love the Big Noisy Playbook to review.

  23. Aimee Carter says:

    hi ladybird my 7 month old daughter would love peepo teddy she’s grabbing everything at the moment and loves new textures thanks 🙂

  24. Aimee Cart says:

    hi ladybird my 7 month old daughter would love peepo teddy she’s grabbing everything at the moment and loves new textures thanks 🙂

  25. Brenda Cordier says:

    Hi, would love to review Peepo Teddy, my 9 month old grandson loves this game and books are great for children, reading with my grandchildren is a great way to teach them about things.

  26. Suzie Speed says:

    Hi. My daughter Heather loves playing peekaboo with her hands on herself and anyone else and her teddies. She’d love to play it with Peepo Teddy.

  27. H Garner says:

    Hi! I would love to review Beep!Beep! with my 15 month old boy who loves cars, buses & big trucks. He loves his baby touch bedtime book, so I’m sure he would love this too.

  28. Louise Fredericks says:

    My son who is 21 months loves books. He would love any type of book and goes through his bookshelf everyday. I think he would especially like a noisy book but also loves looking at animals.

  29. Nicola McDonald says:

    I’d love to review the baby touch star buggy book as my 10 month old loves them and has just destroyed his last one!

  30. Thanks so much to everyone who let us know they would like to review a Ladybird book. We’ve now contacted those selected and the review copies will will be on their way to those mums/dads and babies and toddlers very soon. Enjoy!

  31. Eishika Dissanayake says:

    My 8-month-old baby boy loves to explore textures (if he’s not satisfied with touch, he tries taste) and is fascinated by new sounds. We would love to review the Big Noisy Playbook.

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