Peter Andre talks children’s books, snails and strawberries

This week, we are delighted to have Celebrity Dad of the Year, Peter Andre as our guest blogger.

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Hi Ladybird readers,

Phew! It’s been a crazy busy summer, so it’s great to have a breather and sit down and write a post for the Ladybird blog.

As you might have already heard, I’m been working on a series of children’s books with Ladybird. This has been an exciting project for me as stories play a really important part in my family’s life.

I have to say the best job I have is being a dad. Being able to help my kids through new experiences and unfamiliar situations, while not always easy, is always rewarding.  Being able to discuss their worries and concerns helps to put their minds at rest and brings us closer together as a result.

I also love telling stories to my kids, and I’m delighted to have been able to work on new story books for kids to share with their mums and dads, brothers, sisters and friends.

I wanted to take the experiences that I had as a child and those that I’m discovering with my kids and bring them to life in a friendly and fun way for parents and children.

The little stars of my books are brothers and sister Peter, Mike and Debbie and the stories are based on their first experiences.

A New Day at School LR        The Happy Birthday Party LR

In A New Day at School, they are all starting something new – Mike is starting preschool, Debbie is moving from pre school to primary and Peter is moving up a year in his primary school.

They are all excited about these new experiences but I thought they would probably all be a little bit nervous too, so the book reassures kids going through the same new experiences.  It’s a really great story to share with your kids.

In The Happy Birthday Party, it is Debbie’s birthday and Peter wants to throw his sister a surprise party. Birthdays are a really special time in our house so in this story I was keen that the whole family were involved in creating a magical day for Debbie by throwing a fantastic surprise party. Instead of getting a little bit jealous which siblings can, Peter and Mike are part of the big day and are really excited for their sister.


One of the stories my own kids enjoy is about snails and barbecued strawberries. So, there are snails and strawberries hidden throughout these books.  I really hope you enjoy the books and when you’re reading together, see how many snails and strawberries you and your kids can find!

Take care,


Peter took part in a webchat with on Monday 5th September. There was a fantastic response with hundreds of questions emailed in. You can read  the transcript of the webchat here.

Peter Andre will be appearing at the following WHSmiths bookshops around the country, to sign copies of his two new books; The Happy Birthday Party and A New Day at School.

Monday 5th September:

Milton Keynes Midsummer Place Shopping Centre: 12.15pm – 2.00pm

The Potteries Shopping Centre, Stoke-on-Trent: 4.15pm – 6.00pm

Tuesday 6th September:

The Trafford Centre, Manchester: 11.00am – 1.00pm

Meadowhall Shopping Centre, Sheffield: 2.30 – 4.30pm

Wednesday 7th September:

Bluewater Shopping Centre, Kent: 10.30 – 12.30pm

Churchill Square, Brighton: 3.30pm – 5.30pm

To avoid disapointment pick up your wristband from the appropriate WHSmith store on the morning of the event you wish to attend. WHSmith can guarantee that the first 200 people to receive wristbands will get to meet Peter and get their books signed. 

**For events taking place in shopping centres please pick up you wristband from the WHSmith store within that shopping centre.**

10 thoughts on “Peter Andre talks children’s books, snails and strawberries

  1. Julie Rushton says:

    Can you still meet Peter and have your book signed if you don’t have a wrist band ? or are they only letting 200 people with wrist bands meet him, as i will have to travel far and want to meet Peter, but cannot get to the venue until about 2 hours before the signing starts ?

  2. I grew-up with Ladybird Books where till today I am still collecting them and have my own blog on rare, vintage Ladybird books. I am glad that you are involved with Ladybird projects. It’s a very good learning tool for children.
    Try and visit my blog. Would love to receive any comments from you.

  3. Alison Hacker says:

    The books look beautiful and lovely story lines with family and friends, fab drawings (I am an Applied Artist and Teacher). I still have my Ladybird books from childhood they are great and many more. Good luck and best wishes with the books I know they will do great. Hope to see you at the signing 2moro @ Meadowhall fingers crossed. Take care Ally :0)…x keep up the great work….

  4. Lisa Marriott says:

    Great meeting you in MK today Pete. My three girls loved meeting you. Ive just put the two little ones to bed with your story, they loved it. Even more so for My Mia as she starts school on Wednesday. Thank u x x x

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