Happy Birthday The Ladybird Blog

It’s been a good year for the Ladybird team and one of the things we’re particularly proud of is our blog. We’ve involved editors, writers, digital experts, educators, marketeers and a few special guests and – even if we say so ourselves – we’ve produced some fine reading material!

Watching the blog grow and having such a wide variety of posts to share has been very rewarding. It’s been really good to hear your feedback – so thank you for following our blog, thank you for your comments, your Facebook ‘likes’ and your reviews. We’re really chuffed and delighted that so many of you have enjoyed what has been written. But, we’re not resting on our laurels, we’re 12 months in and have lots more to say! 

Books, reading, babies, children, school and digital learning are very important to us and the amount of discussion these topics generate is amazing. We’d like to hear from you if there is an aspect of any of these topics you’d like to see covered – do let us know and we’ll certainly look into it.


As a little birthday treat from us to you, we’re giving away three copies of this lovely  Ladybird First Favourite Fairy Tales book to our blog readers. Just leave a comment below, either letting us know which post has been your favourite or what you’d like to read about in a future post. We’ll then pop all the names into a hat and three winners will be picked*.  We look forward to hearing your ideas – good luck!

And lastly, in case you’ve only just began to follow us, here are some of our top picks from the past year
1.   ' Look how many chapters I've read! Starting to Read 'proper' books' – Ladybird editor Ellen
2.    Getting boys into books – Ladybird Educational Consultant Geraldine Taylor
3.    The wonderful world of the Land of Me – guest post by the innovative James Huggins

*Leave your comment by 27th October 2011. Winners will be picked and notified by 31st October 2011.   Terms and Conditions apply

13 thoughts on “Happy Birthday The Ladybird Blog

  1. Zena Graham says:

    I am new to the Ladybird site but having appreciated books from an early age with my mum taking me straight from infant school into the library next door regularly I was excited to receive the regular ladybird newsletters and interactive site access for my two children aged nearly 2 and 8 months old. It is never too early to start introducing children to the exciting world of books, where they can learn and escape into their own little world. Even though they are so young my two children love books and I am proud to see them turning the pages of their board books! Well done ladybird, you are helping educate the young scholars of the future!!

  2. Helen Hickman says:

    I really love your blog! In terms of future posts could you do something on starting off with phonics? My daughter has just started preschool and they are starting to introduce some of the sounds. Its all very different to how I was taught letter sounds at school so I would really appreciate some advice on how to help her at home.

  3. Hayley Wells says:

    I’m a regular visitor to the site and blog, and have been a fan of Ladybird ever since I can remember. My little boy is two years old and your blog has proved inspirational to us. He loves sharing books and has already almost mastered the alphabet so is able to piece small familiar words like bus, dog and cat together. It would be great to have more features on teaching young children to read, and as mentioned previously, I too have no idea about the new phonics system used by schools now, so advice in line with National Curriculum guidelines here would be very helpful.

  4. Hayley, I’m so glad you are enjoying the blog and that your son is enjoying books and starting to read and thanks for your suggestions for future posts. We do plan to have a post in the coming months with tips on teaching young children to read but in the meantime, if you’re not already read our post on getting – and keeping – boys interested in books and reading you might find it interesting:
    For some tips on reading, you can also vist Ladybird’s advice pages http://www.ladybird.co.uk/adviceandresources/index.html

  5. Keep up the good work. Reading is very important. When my daughter started school, I realized she could not keep little words, she could break down the big words but couldn’t make out the little ones, it, is,at,even A was hard for her. She got remedial help for 1 year in senior infants and has not left down a book since. She is now 14.

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