Top picks for Christmas from the Ladybird Team

This is such a lovely time of year for us – we've been working hard to produce great books for children and now we get the chance to pass them on to our loved ones too!

With that in mind, we've asked some of our team what will they be choosing from the Ladybird bookshelf to give this Christmas and here are their top picks…



 Spread kirsty_2
Spread Michael_2
Spread camilla_2
Spread eric_b

Spread Ilka_2


You can see all of the above books and many more in The Ladybird Bookshop. Plus there is free UK delivery until 31st January. Happy Shopping!


One thought on “Top picks for Christmas from the Ladybird Team

  1. Max Mills says:

    I have a Series 606D edition of Cinderella.It is a hard back with a colored picture on the front of Cinderella , her fairy Godmother, the coach and coachmen. This edition was retold by Vera Southgate, M.A. B. Com. It has illustrations by Eric Winter. On the back is a list of several other books. The list is catagorized by grades 1,2,and 3. In lower right hand corner of the back is a 40p: under that is net.Please, reply with any information you may have on this book. Thank you for your attention to this inquiry.

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