Health, happiness and heaps of great books!

Happy New Year to you all!  We're back to work at Ladybird and despite the January rain and health kicks (life really is dull without chocolate biscuits), we are keeping our spirits up with the thought of the new Ladybird books coming out in the next couple of months.  Here are just a few which we thought we'd share with you. If you'd like to see the full list, just visit our bookshop.

This month, there's the beautifully illustrated bedtime book Happy Babies: Bedtime Baby – a delightful book for parents and babies to look at together, showing one little baby at each stage of bedtime: having his nappy changed, looking at a bedtime story and snuggling down with teddy at the end of the day.

In February you can meet Raa Raa the Noisy Lion, who loves going on noisy adventures with his little jungle friends! Ladybird are publishing a set of books based on the amazing new animated pre-school show, which encourages youngsters to play with the sounds around them to develop their communication skills.

Also in February there's a great new Toddler Touch book First Words,  perfect for young children who are starting to explore the world around them. With interesting finger trails on every page, flaps to lift, and plenty of things to touch and feel.

Toddler touch
WIN a copy of each of these three books. If you'd like to receive a free copy of each of these books to share with your children,  just leave us a comment letting us know what you're looking forward to in 2012 and we'll put your name in a hat and pull out three winners*

The Ladybird Team

* All those who leave a comment will be entered into the prize draw and the first three names selected will be the winners. Each winner will receive one copy of each of the books pictured above within two weeks of their publication date. Leave your comment by midnight 23rd January 2012. Winners will be selected and notified by 27th January.

147 thoughts on “Health, happiness and heaps of great books!

  1. Lisa Parish says:

    My daughter is nearly two and loving books at the moment. I am looking forward to all the new words and things she will learn in this year ahead.

  2. amanda kilbride says:

    I am looking forward to spending quality time with my two girls, and watching my youngest begin to sit up, crawl and walk.

  3. karolyn holden says:

    I am looking forward to seeing my baby grandson Leo ,who lives in Australia -if I can save up enough money for my airfare!

  4. Sabena Cripps says:

    I am looking forward to my daughter continuing to excel in her vocabulary before she reaches preschool age next year. Looking forward to the many bedtime snuggles with new stories to share too.

  5. Tracy Spowage says:

    I’m looking forward to the Diamond Jubilee and the olympics, my daughter is just old enough to enjoy these and remember them xx

  6. Jenny Leonard says:

    I’m looking forward to my eldest completing College, no.4 settling in Foundation One Nursery, and no.5 becoming more fluent at talking and less frustrated…. 🙂

  7. Maggie Doyle says:

    I am looking forward to spending the last two months of maternity leave with my lovely daughter. Once I am back to work we will have to make the most of our evening look at picture books!

  8. Emma Mann says:

    I’m looking forward to spending time with my little boy while on maternity leave, but not looking forward to going back to work!

  9. LIsa says:

    I am looking forward to my daughter learning to read at home like my son did before he started school because they love books so much!

  10. Margaret Francis (Mrs) says:

    The Toddler Touch is a brilliant book for curious little ones, to lift flaps and touch the books. My two year old Grandson, Finley, is learning new words every day and keen to do so, playing with flash-cards and being very pleased with himself when he repeats the words on them. We clap our hands and say what a clever lad he is, and he nods his head in agreement!
    These books will be ideal for him and I can’t wait to show them to him.

  11. Marie Boxall says:

    I am looking forward to my daughter’s 2nd birthday next Wednesday and my sons 1st birthday in September and everything in between (and after) just spending time together as a family.

  12. Claire Hall says:

    I am looking forward to my nephew continue to develope and become his own little man. He has just had his 1st birthday and continues to amaze me everyday with the changes!! WHERE HAS THE LAST YEAR GONE?? Each new word, each new step I continue to be gobsmacked and sit in awe!!

  13. Alison Canning says:

    I am looking forward to reading more with my 1 year old son, who is just now starting to enjoy them! I had been starting to despair, as I couldn’t get him interested, whereas my daughter loved reading from a few months old!

  14. Rozalia Tomala says:

    |’m looking forward to see my little one saying his first proper words and hoping he would start telling stories with me 🙂 also hope for the sun and warm summer

  15. We’re looking forward to the Olympics. As a family we love watching it so can’t believe it’s going to be just down the road on our doorstep:-)
    I’m also looking forward to teaching my son to read, he’s four and in Reception class in school 🙂

  16. Naina Haria says:

    I am looking forward to when my son can read his own stories… he is already asking me what different words mean and while he recognises words, he cannot spell them if you ask him to.

  17. laura hughes says:

    In 2012 Im looking forward to my 3yr old starting main stream school when he turns 4. it will be a big step for us both!! 😀

  18. Linda Finney says:

    I’m looking forward to spending lots of time with my 2 children, watching them develop and enjoying them being happy.

  19. Laura-Jane Barnell says:

    I am looking forward to seeing my little girls face light up when she gets her first raa raa the lion book. She loves him so much and has been waiting patiently for the raa raa themed books and toys to come out!

  20. It seems to be fairly good reading for small children… I am gonna get this for my daughter who has only turned three, I am now teaching her to read, i think these bright illustrations will only contribute to the effectiveness of the process and get her inspired.

  21. Jack1452 says:

    I am looking forward to even more laughter and smiles with my girls as they learn and have fun during what could be a historic 2012 for the UK.

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