Build your reading library with Ladybird

As a fan of Ladybird, it’s very likely that you already love books and are keen to pass the reading bug onto your children or grandchildren. We know from research that developing a love of books at a young age helps to create life-long readers. It is never too early to start reading with your child – even if as a baby or toddler, they do grab the book off you for a little chew at the end of the story!

Mother and baby2
At Ladybird, we are passionate about helping parents, grandparents and carers share the joy of reading with their children. So we are excited to have teamed up with the Daily Mirror and Sunday Mirror on their new reading campaign, and from 4th February you will be able to collect tokens to receive FREE Ladybird books.

There are 100 books to choose from including early learning books, traditional stories, bedtime stories, books for first experiences, favourite characters such as Peter Rabbit, Spot and Zingzillas, plus books for those starting school and learning to read.  Start collecting tokens printed in the Daily Mirror and Sunday Mirror from Saturday February 4 until Sunday February 26, 2012. Plus don't miss the eight-page special pull-out that lists all 100 books in the library to choose from.

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We really hope you enjoy the books. Do let us know which ones you choose.

Whatever your child's age or whatever stage they are at, Ladybird is here to help.  You can look in our bookshop where you’ll find a great selection of books suitable for babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers and older children.  We also have advice & resource pages  giving parents tips on reading with their baby, ideas for sharing books with toddlers , tips on Starting School or advice on helping your child become an independent reader

PS. If you are new to the Ladybird Blog, please do take a look around. You can search the ‘Categories’  list on the right hand side, to find a topic of interest or a post based on the stage your child is at. To get you started, you could read this lovely post discussing the beauty of fairy tales by one of the Ladybird Editors. 

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