Imagination and magical worlds – the power of audio books

Ever since I was a little girl I loved being told stories and I’ve always particularly loved audio. I think this stemmed from my nan, who was an avid radio fan, and I would sit with her at night listening to the stories and people over the airwaves. I still love audio as an adult; I regularly tune into Radio 4 Extra and listen to stories for adults as well as children!

One of the most memorable books from my childhood were my tapes of Tolkien’s “Tales of the Perilous Realms” – my brother and I still talk fondly of these audiobooks we listened to growing up together.


These audio tapes gave me access to the stories that I often had trouble reading, opened up new worlds, gave me new words and took me on a journey were I filled in the images with my own imagination.

Audio can be a magical thing for children, and it certainly was for me. I remember the creaking of the trees and the crunching of feet walking on the ground in the stories I listened to. It fired up my imagination and gave me a long-term love for storytelling and audio.

Ladybird has recently released the fabulous Peppa Pig stories as audiobooks – Volume 1 Peppa Goes swimming and other stories and Volume 2 Dentist Trip and other stories.

            Peppaaudio2     Peppaaudio1

These collections of stories are sure to delight Peppa fans as well as those little ones who haven't yet heard of Peppa Pig (yes there may be some out there!) but who just love to listen to a great story! If you try them, do let us know how they go down in your house.

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