Get on your scooter! Great ideas for half term.

Our friends at Micro Scooters have written a lovely blog post for
us this week and it’s full of fantastic ideas of things to do (with or
without a scooter!) this half term.

In the park
Another half term has come around again (I’m sure it was only a
few weeks ago that we were in the rush for new uniform, shoes and pencil
cases….where does the time go?) and like most parents we are trying to juggle
the commitments of work, holiday clubs and trying to plan a couple of fun days
indoors and out with the kids.  With the Christmas shopping lists in our
heads getting longer every day, our thoughts turn to how to spend a fun-filled
week or two with the kids that doesn’t cost the earth.  So, with
inspiration from all the parents who work at Micro Scooters UK, we thought we’d
share our tips for surviving (and hopefully enjoying) this October half term.

  • Avoid theme parks. It sounds like a good idea, and you even manage to pack a lovely
    picnic to take with you.  But inevitably the day turns into a re-enactment
    of the most pressured hostage negotiations known to man as you try to keep the
    kids entertained/from throttling each other/running off/saying “I’m bored”
    every 5 minutes (you pick).  From personal experience, our advice is to
    save your money aka small mortgage payments on entrance fees and spend the day
    designing and perhaps building your own thrill rides in the garden or park.


  • Scoot. Of
    course.  We never get bored of evangelising about the power of scooting.
    It enables you and the kids to get from A-B quickly, it’s fun and it’s
    fantastic exercise.  Whether it’s a trip to the shops to stock up on the
    aforementioned ready mixes, or a leisurely scoot to the park or – for the
    really adventurous – a full-on Micro adventure.  For inspiration on places
    to go and things to do on your scooter, have a look at parent submitted
    suggestions here
  • Board Games.
    Scrabble, Chess, Frustration or for the very brave amongst you Monopoly. Nicki
    from the customer services team says she  couldn’t think of anything
    better than spending a rainy day, warm and snuggly with the kids arguing over
    whose turn it is and whether we really landed on Mayfair.
    Quite frankly, we couldn’t agree with her more.Monolopy
  • The Farm. Because a
    half term holiday is not a half term holiday without a trip to the farm – or a
    zoo.  Whether it’s an excursion (scooters optional of course) to the local
    small farm holding or a visit to the zoo we really do enjoy seeing the children’s
    faces light up as they discover new furry friends.


  • With Halloween
    falling in the middle of this half term, we feel it would be almost rude not to
    mention pumpkins, costumes and sweets.  Kim in the accounts team does by
    all accounts (ha!) make a mean Halloween punch (we suspect it may be the
    alcoholic version) but that’s not to stop you and the kids making an alcohol
    free version.  And with pumpkin carving, costume making and scary sounds
    to make, we think there is plenty to keep them amused.


  • Penny from the
    customer services team used to let her girls (now 16 & 18) choose whether
    they wanted to have a “big day” bowling or at the Cinema.  With Sunday
    morning Cinema kids clubs now widely available for as little as £1 per child
    maybe the option to do both is now more accessible.  Strike!
  • A scavenger hunt is
    possibly our most favourite half term hero.  Particularly useful to help
    keep the kids quiet when doing the weekly shop but much more fun for everyone
    when deployed Bear Grylls’ style in the back garden or local park.  The
    delight is that you can make it as simple or more complicated as you
    like.  2 points for a rabbit, 10 points for a blue flower etc. etc.
    Lots of fun.
  • Let them go and play
    at someone else’s house for the day (preferably someone you know – that would
    be weird otherwise) and don’t feel guilty about it.  Just remind yourself
    that children are ALWAYS better behaved, more polite, in fact, all round little
    angels when at someone else’s house.  Be prepared to return the favour
    though.  The moral of the story is to make sure your parent circle
    involves only one family with 7+ kids.
  • Breakfast in Bed – for you, on Sunday. You deserve it after surviving yet another half term.


WIN a Micro Scooter plus helmet worth up to £130!!

For your chance to put the theory of Tip #3 into practice, we’re
giving readers of The Ladybird Blog the chance to win a Micro Scooter worth up
to £130
.  To enter, just leave a comment
below, passing on your top tip for keeping the kids entertained during this
October half term*.  See the full range at or visit
us on Facebook and Twitter for scooting inspiration.

* Leave your comment by midnight 5th November 2012. Winner will be chosen and notified by Thursday 8th November 2012.


49 thoughts on “Get on your scooter! Great ideas for half term.

  1. Harry Cockburn says:

    The perfect day –
    Let the little ones wake up by themselves and come into our bed.
    Have a snuggle and a chat, read some stories, maybe even snooze for a bit.
    Get up, have a family shower (I so love this time with them) get dressed and take the dog for a walk and let the kids scoot down to the park.
    Have a wander, play with the dog, feed the ducks and collect some leaves for leaf rubbing at home.
    Come back and make a mess in the kitchen. Cheese on toast is the fave at the moment.
    When lunch has gone down and after a bit of Peppa Pig, time to go swimming!
    Wrap up very warm after swimming and head to the shops to pick up pizza ingredients. What imaginations they have when they can choose to make whatever pizza toppings they fancy!
    Come home and make another mess in the kitchen!
    Then, my favourite part of the day – have fun splashing in the bath. Massage and bedtime for the baby whilst the older ones choose their books.
    Story time. Dad’s the best at this as he does great voices. When daddy’s away though, we do the Me Books.
    Bedtime for the kids, our time for us. And how we miss them when they’re in bed! But, we can look forward to tomorrow.

  2. Head to the local park. Kick fallen leaves, feed the ducks, swing & slide until you forget which way “up” is! Collect acorns, pretty leaves, pine cones and all sorts of bits of autumn, and bring them home to spend an afternoon making crafts.

  3. Debbie Clifton says:

    Arrange play days with my childrens friends alternating who hosts them then it doesn’t matter what the weather is like.

  4. Jess Dyson says:

    Have a nice family breakfast together and then head off to a city farm. Have a quick stop off at a cafe for some hot chocolate before having a picnic either in the park or inside if it’s raining. Then head to the science museum for lots of button pushing before heading home to cook dinner together. Lastly bath time followed by everyone reading stories snuggled up in bed.

  5. Lynne OConnor says:

    Check out competition websites for children’s craft/colouring competitions. Not only will it give you new ideas to keep the children entertained but they might even win a prize for their efforts.

  6. vinni says:

    My cheap and enjoyable half term tip is start looking around a week or two before it starts . there are so many things going on at local library e.g. Junk modelling, halloween crafts,Rhyme time etc. Our shopping centre is doing pumpkin carving one day. Local toys shops do events as well like hobbycraft do craft events, Entertainer do crafts , and treasure hunts etc.Even Book shops like WH Smith , waterstons do workshops. My kids favorite is going to the cinema. We always go to Kids AM and only spend on tickets and take our own snacks.While coming back, scootering or biking we stop at our park to collect leaves and sticks for making collages. In the end we actually have more things than we can squeeze in a week. I always forward these things to friends so we meet up almost all here or there. CHEAP and PACKED FULL OF FUN.

  7. Cathy says:

    Get a load of old magazines, scissors & glue and let your kids get crafty: they could create an alien creature, design their ideal house, or find as many things as they can of the same colour. Hours of (free) fun.

  8. mazgoli says:

    Planning is key. I try to get out every day somewhere with the children and have an activity/craft session every day too. The planning is vital so that whatever you decide to make you already have the ingredients/sticky backed plastic/30 inner tubes from toilet rolls or 75 googly eyes required!

  9. Lacy Savage says:

    I like to take the kids down to the local pond for some pond dipping. Take some old tubs, nets and a magnifying glass.
    We also draw ourselves a check list before going and check off the mini beasts as we find them.
    It is always a truly fascinating experience and the kids and I always have fun!

  10. mary barton says:

    well the game we have been playing lately is cutting out numbers and letters and blue tacking them all around the house and then asking the younger children to find the one i asked for and they older girls things like 2×2 and go and find the answer it teaches them words numbers and maths, they all love it and so do i. x

  11. Caroline says:

    I always have a plan and a back up plan dependant on weather and mood( of me and my daughter!). Generally have a big day out and a few local trips mixed in with playing, baking and crafts.

  12. Louise Crankshaw says:

    Making Halloween costumes, we made a start tonight, what a bit of imagination and a giant cardboard box can lead to is pretty amazing. We have a goblin costume ready for the final paint tomorrow! Then perhaps some pumpkin carving later in the week and definately a long walk, kicking through the leaves with the promise of a hot chocolate with marshmallows in front of the fire when we get home.

  13. Eileen Teo says:

    1. Check up your local library
    We are going to library to get books and sign up half term course run by the library staffs. We will be doing art and craft like making a costumes, bats and others.
    2. Free events at shopping mall
    Also visit westfield shopping mall, they have ben and holly coming to visit. my children fav!

  14. Joanne Nituan says:

    I agree the best thing to do: GET OUT OF THE HOUSE and go to the park, let the kids use up their energy (wrap up warm and put on your wellies and bring a hot flask of drink!). While you are at the park you can collect things for picture making, (make sure you have some old paper and glue) then later you wil have all you need for a long session of picture making! If you are very good you might create a list of things to search for; a bit like a treasure hunt. Take a few chocolate coins with you to make it extra fun.
    Theme parks are sooo busy, if you do go make the kids aware they may only get on a couple of rides.
    Always look out for: free trials for swimming, special offers at the local cinema ( we spent only £1.75 each ticket for ice age 4), vouchers from supermarkets, special offers for farm parks.

  15. Steve says:

    When I have a day off I get me and my daughter dressed up warm and we go exploring. This is my daughters time so she leads the way and we pretty much go in whatever direction she chooses. This gives my wife a break and then we return home to have the biscuits my wife and daughter have made and a glass of milk.

  16. Sarah S says:

    My top tip is to keep the children entertained for car journeys over the hols, particularly the long ones.
    I call it ‘Travel Treasures,’ and the kids seem to love it. I wrap various treats in fun wrapping paper or colourful tissue paper. Generally I pick two or three cheap toys, crafty bits such as stickers, or snacks. Anything that I would probably give them during the day anyway! I do the same number of treats each time, five, so they know that once they reach number 5 they’re all gone.
    Give them to the kiddies as a reward part way through the journey. The paper, toys and other items will keep them occupied, and if they know they’ll get another treat soon, they’ll be on their best behaviour, which is always a winner with us parents!

  17. Pop your wellies and waterproofs on, pop some hot chocolate in a flask and go out to your local stream or woodlands and have fun exploring the leaves and seeing how natures getting ready for winter!

  18. Lisa Troccoli says:

    I find looking up what activities are on at local shopping centres is good and passes a few hours, we normally have a guest appearance from a character and face painting, balloons and the chance to win prizes, also just making crafts and playing board games is a great way of having fun without spending any money.

  19. Gavin Armstrong says:

    These autumnal days are perfect for our activity – we get an old jar and print out things that the kids need to find ie. Pine cone, brown leaf – you stick that to the side of the jar with a little tick box next to the item, tie a bit of string to the top of the jar and secure to make a handle – off you go searching for the items – once you’ve checked everything off the kids get a little prize and at the end a hot choc to warm them up! Costs next to nothing and the kids love it

  20. Debbie Burfoot says:

    Give the kids adventures days and home days…put everyones ideas on bits of paper and pop in a hat…say bike ride, nature trail, feed the ducks, art and craft, tea party, cooking.For tea why not do hotdogs and chips in cones , then put hats and coats on and eat them in the back garden…kids love it.Let them be involved and dont worry about mess..None of these activities have to cost the earth either. Alter the activities depending on the age of the children.Enjoy spending quality time with them

  21. Carol Cann says:

    We go to the woods and collect leaves, a nice long walk then come home and paint the leaves, so leaf rubbings, draw round the leaves, count them group them, Hours of entertainment for free and lots of fresh air, keeps my little one happy and busy for ages.

  22. AMANDA ANDREWS says:

    For me, less is more…taking each day as it comes..a new adventure to be had!
    Some examples; Reading ‘The Leaf Man’, followed by an Autumnal walk to jump in the leaves and throw them about, bringing some home to create our own leaf animals/people.
    Making Pizza dough and creating our own pizzas. Making and decorating sparkly firework buns/ biscuits.
    Kids cheap showings at the cinema where adults go free.
    PJ snuggle days with blankets, popcorn and a DVD.

  23. We plan the week before it starts by checking out all the local activities that are available at low costs such as local cinema, swimming and then visit the park whatever the weather. There’s usually some baking and art and craft thrown in to pass the time too.

  24. Sarah Bull says:

    I try to plan a variety of activities using local listings, websites and friends (!) for ideas. This half term, we have;
    Play date with friends and took a pizza lunch- kids loved it because they could eat with their friends and we loved it because they were knackered at the end of the day!
    Leaf kicking at local woods- free, funny and fresh air!
    Day out at the zoo- we have annual passes, so another free day.
    Lunch out with Granny and Grandad- take stickers/colouring to keep them busy while waiting for food.
    Local firework display- great fun, but a bit cold!
    Built a den in the house with blankets over the furniture- kept them quiet for hours.
    Also, remember to ask your children what they want to do- I planned loads of great things (in my eyes!) last holidays and some of them weren’t overly well received! I read something funny the other day which relates to thhis.. “The best things about about half term is spending lots of time with your children.The worst thing about half term.. spending lots of time with your children!”

  25. stacey akers says:

    bike rides, scooter rides, cinema, film and sweet days, arts and crafts and spending time with their dad who they did not see alot as he served in the army. So you appreciate time alot more.

  26. Richard Drake says:

    Create an autumn basket with your little ones. Time to get the wellies on and head out on a nature walk, collecting leaves, moss, acorns and other autumnal bits and bobs. Back at home, go through their collection whilst learning all about autumn. After that grab the glue and paint and start the leaf prints and collages using what you’ve collected.

  27. olivia kirby says:

    We had a timetable, complete with smiley face stickers and stars, which always seem to amuse our 3 year old!
    Our focus is on value for money, especially as our school age child has 2 weeks off at October.
    We always have a wet weather alternative on there too, we do brave the elements but some days are just destined to be a duvet day!
    We love geocaching, it’s like a world wide treasure hunt, using coordinates from the internet to find caches. You can take ‘buggy friendly’ routes, perfect for us, and we always pack sandwiches, homemade cakes (made on a wet weather day) and a flask of tea. We collect pretty leaves, feathers, fir cones, conkers; anything we can use in our crafting.
    We try to have one ‘big day out’, it’s marked up on the timetable and it’s something for us all to look forward to. This holiday’s was a trip to a theme park 2 miles away from us. We had a lovely time and it was the only activity that really cost us any money.

  28. laura godfrey says:

    nothing beats getting the kjids outside. On a dry day kick up the autumn leafs and collect the prettest ones to make a colleage or try some rubbings with wax crayons.
    Don’t let the rain stop play, get on those wellies and waterprrofs and enjoy a good splash before the weather gets cold, can always curl up with a blanket on teh sofa later and watch a classic musical together, joining in with the songs of course and if you have the energy make a little jig up too!

  29. Melissa Brown says:

    I have signed up for mailing lists for all sorts of local places – garden centres, craft centres, soft play places, art galleries and museums, and also the local council ‘what’s on’ mailing lists.
    So I get local events regularly emailed to me. When I hear of a children’s event, I add it to our family calendar.
    Each holiday day I check my own ‘what’s on’ guide and off we go for a fun, local and often free day out!
    This half term we did a free wonderful weather science show, pumpkin trail, spooky walk, ghosts and ghouls craft day, and went to an autumn extravaganza. We had a brilliant time, and probably spent less than £20 all week!

  30. Annie Fletcher says:

    Our perfect day was early morning snuggles for an .hr when kids woke. We read some stories and sang songs. Then lazy breakfast, everyone pitched in fetching and carrying things. Then get wrapped up warm to go out collecting leaves and anything else we fancy putting on our pictures (we were planning bile rides buty eldest broke his arm a wweek before the holidays started). We made pumpkin soup and bread when we got home then made our pictures. Then we settled down to watch the cat in the hat, waiting for daddy to come home from work 🙂 xx

  31. Nothing better than wrapping up and going to the local country park and having fun pretending to be Hunting for all kinds of imaginative beings, whilst collecting the brightly coloured leaves that are to be found. They can then be made into whatever autumal picture design the kids imagine later that day, when back home. Not forgetting the flask of yummy hot chocolate that everyone loves to keep us all warm.

  32. Amanda Lord says:

    Start off the day having home made pancakes – allowing the children to experiment with toppings. Then take them into the garden to help rake up the autumn leaves into a great big pile. My 2 had great fun doing this then making leaf angels in the pile of leaves. We then got the leaf blower and blew all the leaves at each other. Didn’t quite help with clearing the leaves from the garden. But it did cause lots of giggles. We then went in doors and had hot chocolates with squirty cream and marshmallows, homemade popcorn a family movie and snuggles on the sofa.

  33. Gemma Matthews says:

    We had fun painting ,some lovely autumn walks to feed the ducks at our local pond, lots of playing at home and an odd snugly lie in 🙂 x

  34. Danka Bakic says:

    We love halfterms because its a time when the children dont have to got to bed early and that means the whole family get to play family games and to make it more interesting the winner gets to choose a chocolate from a tin of roses.At the weekends we watch a family dvd and have popcorn.

  35. ang gallant says:

    The night before tell your little ones that you want them to imagine they are their favourite character from a book. Plan what they’d wear, eat and do and beat boredom the following day whilst really stretching their imaginations! They wake up and you greet them in character and they spend the day as that character, they’ll delight in you referring o them by their characters name and will laugh when you slip up and use their real names!

  36. Thank you to everyone who entered, there are some fantastic ideas for keeping the kids busy and entertained and the entries were great to read. Unfortunately there can only be one winner this time, but that lucky person has been selected and notified by email today.

  37. There are some wonderful ideas for ways to keep the kids entertained here! Understand that the competition is closed, but just wanted to agree that bowling can be a great choice when you are looking for things to do – and I’m not just saying that because we have so much fun hosting the kid’s parties at Tenpin 😉

  38. Fliker scooters are the storehouse of childrens scooters specially yflicker offering super steering and control. The yflicker childrens scooter is the combination of swift fast thrills and safety features for kids.

  39. This is very nice. Kids bonding properly with other kids their own age, I think it’s a very nice experience and a life lesson for these young ones. They have to learn how to deal with other people and how to fit in.

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