Christmas picks – Mums choose their favourites from Ladybird

At Ladybird, we love speaking to mums and dads and listening to their opinions about our books. So, with Christmas coming, we decided to ask some mums to select the books they would put under the tree for the little ones in their lives.  We hope this helps with your present choosing (and don’t forget to check out our Christmas 3 for 2 offer at the same time). Happy shopping everyone!!

Layla Rodham – mum of Arthur, 6 months & Alicia, 3

Layla rodham and arthur - christmas pickThis will be my baby’s first Christmas, so I can’t wait to see how excited he will be on the day.  If he’s anything like his big sister, he’ll get the most enjoyment from playing with the wrapping paper!  I know he’d love the Baby Touch: Big Noisy Playbook as bright colours and sounds really capture his interest.

I’ve been looking forward to sharing some classic children’s literature with my daughter, so the Ladybird Classics Peter Pan would be ideal for us to read together and Alice in Wonderland would appeal to her love of fantasy and adventure, especially as she shares her name with the heroine!

My nephew loves to sing, so he would really enjoy the carols in the Ladybird First Favourite Christmas Book, and the retelling of the nativity story at the end of the book would help him understand the origins of the holiday – I’m sure it would become a firm favourite.  I’d also pick The Christmas Carols Book and CD as this would be the perfect way for our whole family to get into the festive mood.


Niki Hanmer – Mum to Miles, 1, Zachary, 4 and Freya, 6

Niki hamner christmas blog post
I love Christmas, so, in the New Year,  we always make keepsakes from our Christmas cards. The children choose favourite images
and make up their very own storybooks. We’ll give them a title, a cover
and even page numbers! A great bit of upcycling, a momento to cherish
and something to amuse the kids for an hour or so.  Just call me Kirstie

This year, I will
definitely be buying Ladybird Touch and Feel: This Little Angel for my
one year old niece. My own children have loved this series and I know
she’ll delight in exploring the touchy feely bits and the rhymes will
make her giggle – plus the shiny gold cover makes it extra special for a
Christmas present.  My 4 year old son is a Lego fan so for him I’m
getting the LEGO: The Official Annual 2013 – the games and activities in
this annual will keep him amused long after the flurry of present
opening. At £7.99 it is good value too as it includes bricks and mini
figures to play with. Santa’s Christmas Munch: A Ladybird Hand Puppet
looks great – Puppet books are so popular in our household. They
are perfect for siblings to share and Santa’s Munch will I’m sure become
a year-round favourite. I’ll be popping this under the tree for my

My First Christmas Collection: Little Library  – at £4.99
this set of four books fits the bill for our playgroup secret santa
present and I’m tempted to have another set on hand to bring out for
Christmas Day lunch to amuse my youngest! He’ll enjoy the books and
popping them in and out of the slipcase will no doubt keep him busy
while we enjoy our turkey! Lastly I’d choose Peppa Pig: Peppa’s
Christmas Wish
for my 3 year old niece who’s a huge Peppa fan. I can’t
go wrong choosing her this Christmas story with all her favourite
characters. She’ll love it – snort, snort!


Becky Clinton, mum to Gregory 3 and Matilda, 5

Becky ClintonChristmas
in our house always involves books.  It just can’t be Christmas without
a new book to snuggle down with at the end of the day. My children are 5
and 3 and books are a big part of their lives. We read to them from when
they were a few months old and they even have a “book fairy godmother” –
a friend in Canada who sends them a package of exquisitely wrapped
books for Christmas and Birthdays.  We already have a little stack of books ready for wrapping from Father Christmas.

the Ladybird website is a good way of finding some new treasures.
Gregory is totally “Piratical” this year and I can see him loving
Skullabones Island Yo-Ho-Ho Pirates
– the sturdy book will stand up to a
lot of playing about with and he’ll just love the sound effects running
along with the story.   We already have a couple of books with sound
tabs and he loves pressing them in the right place – in fact he has to
fight to get there before his older sister! For the same reason
the Ladybird Big Noisy Book: Christmas songs sounds wonderful!  The pictures are
bright and fun, more tabs to press and the songs to listen to as well as
be sung along to.

My friend’s son is just 3 and is Peppa Pig
mad so he’d love the Hooray! Says Peppa Pig Finger Puppet Book.  A board book so easy for little hands to grip and the built in finger puppet
will let him be part of the story action: visiting Granny Pig, painting
and of course jumping in muddy puddles.

For Matilda the rewritten Ladybird Classics fairytales look
fun.  Vera Southgate’s illustrations are fresh and bright – helping the
timeless stories stay looking new.  I think she’d like to hear Jack and
the Beanstalk
, Cinderella, Gulliver’s Travels and The Secret Garden.
All super stories to fire her imagination. She’s caught the reading bug
now too so any book with a good story that she can start to read her way
through a bit would boost her confidence and show her just how amazing
reading can be.

Louise Howgego – mum to James, 3 Nathan, 5 & Callum, 7

Louise howgego christmas pickChristmas to me has always meant family
time. We have what most people would call a traditional Christmas and at
the end of Christmas Day I really do think there is nothing better than
all sitting around the fire, watching TV and eating lots and lots of
chocolates! It is the one time of year where we don’t rush around and we
spend lots of quality time together. My boys love reading so I always
buy them at least a couple of books each. Ladybird has a selection of annuals out this Christmas and both The Lego Official Annual 2013 and the Where’s Wally? Official Annual 2013 would be very much appreciated by Callum my eldest.
This year is the first year my youngest, James, has started to
understand about Christmas so I think it is great how excited he is
already about it all. I would certainly buy Raa Raa the Noisy Lion:
Jingly Jangly Jungle Song book
for him as he is a huge fan of the show
and having started nursery a couple of months ago, he is really enjoying
listening to stories.

I think I would like to buy the Ladybird First
Favourite Christmas Book
for Nathan my middle child as he is just
starting to learn about the nativity and is learning some Christmas
songs, so this would be a great book that we could use to learn the story
together. I would buy the Christmas Carols Book and CD and Ladybird Big Noisy book: Christmas Songs
for all the boys to share as these are books that they would all enjoy
together, we could learn the Christmas Carols together and listen to the
CD in the car and whilst making our arts and crafts and when we do our
festive cooking!
WIN WIN WIN! This giant Ladybird Beanbag!

LadybirdS square no logo

We’re giving away this fantastic Ladybird Beanbag in our blog prize draw – perfect for your little ones to snuggle up on and read their new books this Christmas! Just leave a comment, letting us know what would be your one top pick from all the books our Christmas 3 for 2 offer and we’ll put all the names into a hat and pull out a winner.

Enter by midnight December 16th 2012, winner will be selected and notified by December 18th.

Update 17th December 2012 – the prize draw has now closed and the winner notified. Thank you to everyone who left a comment – it has been great to read what books you think your little ones would enjoy. Merry Christmas!!

80 thoughts on “Christmas picks – Mums choose their favourites from Ladybird

  1. Fen Crosbie says:

    Cinderella. Peppa Pig and so on are great, but the old stories are part of the culture and for a good reason – they’re excellent stories!

  2. Susan Hill says:

    Christmas Collection – Little Library
    perfect for sharing, on long journeys to visit relatives over christmas or as stocking fillers.

  3. Eleanor Ashton says:

    We would choose Little Red Riding Hood! We have a German Christmas decoration with this story, and my 3 yr old loves the part when Little Red Riding Hood meets ‘Grandma’…

  4. heather playdon says:

    My First Ladybird Christmas Story. My daughter was 4 in September and everything is falling into place now. She is very bright and inquisitive and wants to know everything about everything! She was Mary in her little nursery’s nativity so this book is ideal for us to share the magic with her.

  5. Kimberley Whitelaw says:

    Where’s Wally? Official Annual 2013
    Something new and different for my son – I think he would have such a fun time trying to find Wally. I’ve been on the lookout for a Where’s Wally Book in stores for a wee while now actually haven’t spotted one yet! Mind you this is when I remember to remember! lol

  6. Louise Bailey says:

    My top pick would be My First Ladybird Christmas Story, I think that if you start your children young regarding the meaning of Christmas you cross your fingers that this will carry on with them – the nativity story is a beautiful story.

  7. tamsin says:

    My First Christmas Collection: Little Library
    as its the first year my son really gets christmas and a collection like this is perfect!

  8. Glen Jevon says:

    I would choose ‘This Little Angel’, to give to one of my 2 little angels this Christmas. I’d love to win the Ladybird beanbag, because, as I found out when I was young, once you’ve got the Ladybird bug – you never lose it! 🙂 Merry Christmas all x

  9. Elizabeth Perry says:

    Top pick for us would def have to be Peppa pig Christmas wish, as it always brings a smoke to my little ones face. X 🙂

  10. elizabeth says:

    Ben and Holly’s Christmas at the North pole because my daughter is obsessed with Ben and Holly and has seen every episode numerous times!

  11. Vicky Collenette says:

    The Snowman touch & feel book. I always seem to buy books for my eldest daughter but don’t want to forget my youngest daughter – and she would love this book!!

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