Everybody loves Peppa!

Ask any preschooler which television and book characters they love, and they will probably pick Peppa Pig as a favourite. Peppa entertains children across the globe and her popularity is undeniable – Peppa books top the children’s book charts and she even has her own theme park! In 2010 she became the UK’s best selling preschool toy and she's just won a Bafta for Best Pre School animation! Peppa most definitely moves with the times and children can enjoy Peppa Pig stories on so many different platforms now – as  physical books, ebooks, audio books, personalised Peppa books or via the brilliant
Peppa Pig Me Books (phew!!).


Personalised Peppa…      Peppa books…          Peppa audiobooks…


So, what is it about Peppa that children love so much?  Is it because she acts and dresses like a normal five year old, playing with her friends and jumping in muddy puddles? Or perhaps it’s that she is so loveable and a little bit cheeky or maybe because every now and then she emits that little piggie snort to remind us that she is very cute and a little bit different! We do know that children really enjoy the themes in the stories with everyday activities such as going to playgroup, swimming, going on school trips or being with mummy. Children also find it reassuring reading about Peppa and George's first experiences such as going to hospital or having to get glasses


But who better to ask about why Peppa Pig is so popular, than parents and the children themselves! So we put the question to some Ladybird mums and here's what they reported back…

‘My children actually ARE George and Peppa Pig. They jump in puddles and have a dad who is a bit grumpy sometimes. If only they had a sensible mum like Mummy Pig their lives would be complete!' Rachel

Olive loves peppa2

Peppa fan Olive hides her 'peppa snorting' impression behind a book!

'When I asked my 3 year old what she liked best about Peppa we had five minutes of piggy snorting! Then she said she likes it that Peppa jumps in muddly puddles – and the silly daddy! My 6 year old said she likes the fact that the whole family get to do things that children like to do, like go camping. As a mum, I like the fact that Peppa manages to be naughty and nice at the same time'. Emma

'I like Peppa because they seem a fairly normal family and the episodes are humorous and often educational. My daughter has learnt about recycling, power cuts, composting, hospitals and much more. She is 4 now and has been listening to Peppa stories for years and still loves it!' Claire


Matilda (5) enjoying the mud and the puddles!

'I think my children love Peppa Pig books as they are simply written and from a child's perspective. They echo the daily family experiences preschoolers and reception children have with a comforting "comical" overtone and they gently poke fun at the adults in a sweet and gentle way. There is a lot of laughter in the books – as there should be in life! When I asked Matilda why she liked Peppa, she gave a very
long-winded explaination of the whole story line and how she likes the mud and
Daddy Pig laughs and they have friends!' Becky

'I now LOVE Peppa. At first I wasn’t sure – I didn’t really ‘get’ it. But, then my daughter (2ish) came home from nursery talking about Peppa because her little friends watched it or had Peppa clothing etc, so we started to watch the cartoon on TV and we all soon fell in love… I think Peppa is great on a kids level but there’s also humour on an adult level! It's educational – my daughter is often repeating something she's learnt from reading or watching Peppa Pig (e.g. don't move when wasps come near). 

So it's a big thumbs up from the mums and the kids! And there's more Peppa stories on the way in 2013, with fantastic new books and eBooks! We'll keep you posted, letting you know as soon as they are available.

Win three new Peppa Pig books!*  Just leave a comment below, letting us know why you think your children enjoy Peppa Pig stories so much and we'll send one lucky winner a copy of  George Catches a Cold, Peppa's First Glasses and Peppa Theatre Show Sticker Book! Good luck!

* Leave your comment by midnight Sunday 27th January 2013. Winner will be selected at random and will be notified by Tuesday 29th January 2013.


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  1. Thank you to everyone who left a comment – it was fantastic to read all the reasons why your little ones (and sometimes the adults too!) love Peppa Pig so much. The winner has now been selected and notified by email. Enjoy the new Peppa stories. Oink Oink!

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