Helping children learn to read – your questions answered!

We know that
learning to read is a hot topic, so we asked parents and carers what their
key concerns where. Here are some of the key questions, along with answers from the Ladybird experts!

Can Ladybird give me some recommendations for
ABC books for my 3 year old? Caroline

We have quite a few ABC books and
depending what stage your child is at, you might prefer one over another – choose
from Toddler Touch: First Words, My First ABC, Hello Kitty ABC, Ladybird Early Learning  ABC Flash Cards and First Ladybird Words and
. It is always good to foster an
early enjoyment of reading, so it is great to share alphabet books and simple
stories, but the most important things is to have fun reading with your child. Looking
ahead to when your child starts school, the reception teacher certainly won’t
expect them to read and write on arrival so make sure reading about and learning ABC is
an enjoyable experience for you both.

My first ABC


I can’t wait until my baby is a
little bit older so I can share books with her. When should I start – she’s 6
months now? Fiona

It’s never too early to start reading
with your child and hearing a familiar voice is very comforting for a baby so
try talking to her as much as possible. It doesn’t matter what you read out
loud at this stage, it could even be a cereal packet! Songs, lullabies and
are also great, as your baby simple loves hearing the tone of your voice
as it rises and falls. You'll find more advice on reading with your baby plus some book suggestions, in the Age and Stage sections at

Ribbon book


I enjoy sharing my old books with my
6 year old son, but should I be sharing more up to date books with him?

Most people enjoy sharing their childhood
favourites with their children and it is great to have a range of books to
read. Don't forget all reading is good reading! There are classic fairy tales alongside gorgeous illustrations in our popular Ladybird Tales
series and he might also enjoy Genie Street,
first chapter books packed with adventure

Genie street

Also great for him would be our new
series of Read it yourself books,
depending on his reading ability, choose from level 3 or 4. 

You'll find some helpful hints and tips on reading with children in the Ladybird Milestones

How do I make my child love books?
She’s three and I’m still waiting for her to take an interest in them! Phil, dad to Alice 3

The first thing to say is, don’t
panic! Children learn and develop at different times. Some children find
reading harder and therefore less enjoyable than others. You can help your
child to learn to love reading by sharing books together on a regular basis. Choose
books about her favourite subjects or with favourite characters and break up the reading by asking questions
about the story or content. All reading is good reading, so apps and comics can
be great alternatives to books at this stage.

Pete and polly

My son has learnt to read but I’m not
sure what books to get him to help him become more confident. I’m worried I’ll choose something too tricky and set him back a step.

when your child is beginning reading you want to help by providing enjoyable
books at the right level. The Ladybird Read it yourself series is great for
helping increase reading confidence as each level gets progressively more
challenging – the reader progresses from short, easy sentences through to
longer stories. There are classic fairy tales, favourite characters and
exciting modern stories that will appeal to children, whatever their interests.
If you ask your child’s teacher which book band level they are, you can then
find the appropriate level of Read it yourself books – click here for a chart that shows which
Read it yourself books belong to which book band

Read it yourself

Win Win Win!!! We've got one copy of each of the pictured books up for grabs, but just one book for each winner, so leave a comment saying which book you would like and we'll put your name in a hat and pull out the winners!

Choose from: My First ABC; Baby Touch: Hide and Seek ribbon book, Mrs Kramer, Dragon Tamer: Genie Street, Please and Thank you: A Pirate Pete and Princess Polly book Moshi Monsters: Katsuma and the Art Thief – Read it yourself with Ladybird

Leave your comment by midnight July 25th 2013. Winners will be selected at random and notified by 5 August 2013.

27 thoughts on “Helping children learn to read – your questions answered!

  1. Angeline Drury says:

    or the hide and seek ribbon book for my younger nephews to share 🙂 thankyou for the opportunity I love reading with my nephews and neices

  2. christine Melton says:

    My First ABC would make a perfect present for my granddaughters 3rd birthday in Nov. She loves reading and any help/recommendations would be much appreciated to acquire books to sustain her interest.from a grateful grandmother. Thank you so much!

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