New Year, New Steps – moving from a cot to a ‘big’ bed with Pirate Pete and Princess Polly

Happy New Year! We thought we’d kick off 2014 looking at one of those big steps in a little one’s life – moving from a cot to a ‘big’ bed!

Most children move into their first bed between 18 months and three years  and if your little one has outgrown their cot or there is another baby on the way, it might be time for them to start sleeping in a big bed.  Obviously this is a really exciting moment and an important stage in growing up, but understandably they might feel a bit anxious about the move and so we’ve put together a few tips to help things go smoothly:

•    Let them choose their new bed. There are some themed or character beds which will really capture their imagination! 
•    Choose bedding they like, e.g. a duvet cover with their favourite character. Or they might like to keep some of their cot bedding for a while for extra reassurance, even if it’s a bit small.

•    If your child is anxious, read a book about moving from a cot to a big bed. In the latest book from pre-school favourites Pirate Pete and Princess Polly, they have outgrown their cots and are moving into their new ‘big’ beds. Pete and Polly make this a fun adventure and reassuring, there’s even a sound button to cheer your little one along!

•    If the bed is self-assembly –you could let them ‘help’ put the bed together.
•    On the day they move into their new bed, make sure they are quite tired and ready to snuggle down!  Keep to your usual bedtime routine – bath, pjs, teeth, story.
•    Keep their usual teddies – there’s room for all of their teddies in their bigger bed! 
•    If you buy a single bed rather than a toddler bed (a toddler bed is smaller and lower than a single bed, often with guard rails on the side), they might need a bolster or bed guard to stop them falling out.
•    Some parents put a stair gate at the bedroom door to stop any wandering, as they will now be more mobile!

Win Win Win!

              PP_MyBigBoyBed_C_70843_Front  Princess Polly jacket

We have two copies of Pirate Pete My Big Boy Bed and two copies of Princess Polly My Big Girl Bed to give away.  To enter, please let us know what tips have worked for you, or which you are planning to try out – and we will pick four winners at random.  Leave your comment below by midnight 26th January 2014 and do let us know if you’d like a Polly or a Pete book!

UPDATE 28.1.14. Thanks to everyone who has left a comment, we have really enjoyed reading your tips. The winners have now been selected and contacted. 

62 thoughts on “New Year, New Steps – moving from a cot to a ‘big’ bed with Pirate Pete and Princess Polly

  1. Alliyah Dawud says:

    What worked for us was:
    choosing bedding related to my little ones favourite cartoon (she’s a girlie girl and loves a certain mouse)
    we did a gradual transition-we didn’t set too high of a target rather we decided that we would accept ‘baby steps’ as a sign of success.
    Strong routine is vital-don’t start transition then stop halfway through-it can throw a child off.
    And finally…if you want to move an adventure seeking child to their own room get them to make the room more ‘them’ e.g. let them pick their bedding, the colour of the walls etc. Put pictures up and make the room ‘child friendly’. A camera/monitor helps too as you explain to little one that you can watch them and are not too far away!
    Turn the transition into a camping adventure by sleeping in your little ones bed for the first week to get little one used to it.
    We would love to win a Polly Book 🙂 with two little girls and all.

  2. Nuala Rees says:

    Books n songs worked in the past. But my three year old been having disturbed sleep so been back in with us needs a piate Pete book to get him back on track x

  3. Dorothy Calderwood says:

    My 2-year-old great-nephew Jack will be moving into his big boy’s bed soon and would love a Pete book to help him on the way. He’s chosen his own bedding and new PJs!

  4. Cathy morris says:

    we are planning to redecorate Annabelle’s room for when she moves into her big girl bed. We would love the Polly book book to help us with the move. Annabelle loves her story before bed and I am sure this will be a big hit! X

  5. Magda Danus says:

    Matilda has her bed close to ours and she still “visits” us in the middle of the night. Soon it will be time for her to join her sister on bunk bed in their room. Maybe Princess Polly would help us:-)

  6. Sheena says:

    My 3 year old is moving room and into a new big bed soon so she wants me to make her a quilt for her new bed with flowers and birds on it.

  7. emma graydon says:

    i didn’t have room for a toddler bed so i just put my son into a regular single bed that was in the box room and put a safety rail on it, i decorated it into a ‘big boys room’ with cars duvet set and decal stickers on the wardrobes and his favourite teddies on the bed, i made sure he didn’t have any naps during the day, so it wouldn’t take him long to fall asleep. He went into the big boys bed no problem at all but took his blanky that he had in his cot with him, he was asleep within minutes, i left a night light on the room as he didn’t like waking up in the dark

  8. Tang Sheen Yit says:

    Hi there
    My boy is 3 years old, before we move him to a single bed, I created a ‘grown up’ song to him. Every night I sing this song to him , just let him know he is growing up, and needs to sleep alone. It works to him!

  9. Tiffany Ann wills says:

    Love the thought of princess polly’ my little girl will be in a big girls bed next month! We plan on decorating her room new duvets etc exciting but sad to!

  10. These books sound fantastic, my youngest will be moving from a cot to a junior bed in the next few months and this sounds like a great way to start him thinking about it. I have found from my two other children that sometimes they dont like change or find it hard to let go of things, but when you make it exciting and they are nice books with great illustrations it helps them to imagine things in a good way and make the change a little easier. Will definitely be getting my little guy the “My big Bow Bed”

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