Little Kingdom: lots to make, read and do with Ben and Holly

“Somewhere, hidden amongst thorny brambles is a little kingdom of Elves and Fairies. Everyone who lives here is very, very small . . .”

If you have a little fairy or elf in your house, you’ll be well acquainted with Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom. Holly is a young fairy princess who is still learning how to fly and her magic doesn't always go to plan. Her best friend, Ben Elf, doesn't have wings and he doesn't do magic, but, as an Elf he’s very good at making things – especially toys. In the Little Kingdom books and television series (airing on Milkshake and Nick Jnr), we follow Ben and Holly’s adventures and magical mishaps in the Little Kingdom – a tiny land where flowers and grass rise above the tallest towers.

The latest Elf and Fairy News! 

In their new storybook adventure, Birthday Magic!, Holly's twin sisters Daisy and Poppy are celebrating their birthday with a very special party. When the Wise Old Elf arrives he soon declares that there should be absolutely no magic (boo!). But, obviously with fairies around there's bound to be mischief and magical mayhem!

Fairy Magic cover
Also out this month is Holly’s Magic Wand. Our young fairy princess is learning how to use her special magic wand and we join her and Ben Elf on their magical adventures in a lovely sticker book, packed full of puzzles, colouring, games and even a cut-out magic wand for little ones to help make magic wishes come true! Here’s a sneak peek of the fun inside…

BH magic wand spread


We’ve got THREE sets of Birthday Magic! and Holly’s Magic Wand up for grabs!  We know that birthday parties are an important event, so inspired by Birthday Magic! we’d love you to share your best tip for a fun children’s party – we'll then throw all the ideas into a (party) bag and pick three winners.

Enter by midnight Monday 12th May 2014, by leaving a comment below. Winner will be notified by Wednesday 14th May 2014. Good luck!! T&C's can be found here.

UPDATE: Thank you to everyone who has left a comment, we have absolutely loved reading your tips and look forward to the next party! The winners have now been notified.

And lastly, if you're looking to keep little fairies and elves busy,  you can download  some fun Little Kingdom activity sheets and even some special certificates!

BH certificate

84 thoughts on “Little Kingdom: lots to make, read and do with Ben and Holly

  1. Sally Millard says:

    For party bags, I use white paper handled bags, and let the birthday girl decorate them in advance with stickers and the child’s name.

  2. Maureen Quinn says:

    Bubbles are always good. Also instead of a big birthday cake – make fairy cakes and put icing and toppings in the middle of a table. Then each child can decorate their own cake!

  3. yolande marx says:

    For my daughter this year we are doing a fun fairy theme all the girls will dress up as faities and the noys like peter pan. It will be a fun garden party with fairies hidden all over the garden. There will be cucakes for the kids to decorate themselves with all sorts of sprinkles and fairy dust

  4. Hayley McAllister says:

    Rather than doing plates of food I make party boxes so there is a set amount of food per child and if they want to take any home they have a little party box – also I order enough to put pieces of cake in to stop in getting squished.

  5. Emma Joseph says:

    A drop of food colouring in the bottom of a cup in advance so it dries. When you pour in clear lemonade it will magically change colour!

  6. Katie Walters says:

    Look around for cake prices with different people, they don’t all charge the same, I found a lady who was doing my sons cake, I still asked around and someone else said they would do the same cake but for £10 less, saving me some pennie

  7. For my son’s recent 3rd birthday I made a Spiderman pinata (quickly painted red and his face drawn on with a marker pen). But instead of hanging it up and having the kids hit in (and possibly hurting each other!), they kicked it around like a football. They loved it and it took a while for it to break so they burned up a lot of energy. I also put the sweets into small bags to avoid any fighting over loose sweets 🙂

  8. tarbs gill says:

    If you are having a party for little ones and a small one. Have parcel parcel set up for it to stop on each child. Then random to final prize (make sure the wrapping papaper is different from the rest). If you have a larger party have a bag of prizes and those that didnt get to open the parcel get something from the magic bag! Also when wrapping up count out toys/sweets beforehand.

  9. Catherine wilson says:

    Rather than the normal pass the parcel with one gift I try to do a boy / girl gift at centre and then put a small pack of jellies in each layer and always make sure each child gets a turn

  10. samantha peacock says:

    always hire out a hall, more space and u don’t have to worry if something gets broken at home

  11. Andrea says:

    As a child we always had “Lolly Scambles”. My dad would have a bucket of lollies (or Sweeties) and throw them backwards over his head..then watch the kids scramble to collect the most.

  12. Gita Chipuriro says:

    We like a treasure hunt so that everyone is a winner! Also face painting and henna tattoos. We also like getting creative with decorating fairy cakes and t shirts for party bags

  13. Amanda McCann says:

    If you’re lucky enough to have a LO who’s birthday falls during the fair weather, have the party in your nearest park/woods/green space & have a treasure hunt, bug hunt, nature trail, tug o war, tent building race, picnic etc. not only can kids burn of energy from calorific party food & cake, but it’s also a free venue 🙂

  14. catherine killen says:

    We have had some amazing birthday parties- for example last year my son did the climbing wall and the driving simulators with his friends and prior to that we have hired soft play centres, done pirates and princesses themes at the village hall etc etc and probably spent a small fortune in the process but I actually think the best ones have been the simplist- a BBQ in the garden with their closest friends, lots of toys, a few party games, jelly and ice-cream and a treat bag was probably the one we all enjoyed the most. No tears, no tantrums, the children and adults all had fun and we got to enjoy everyone’s company so I don’t think you need to go ‘all out’ every year even if it is nice to do so occassionally.
    My other tip would be unless someone else is organising the whole thing- entertainment, party bags, food etc don’t do the party on your child’s actual birthday. You will end up spending the whole day in the kitchen- probably stressed and snapping at them and won’t get to enjoy their special day with them,

  15. Leia Baldock says:

    My best tip is cake…and lots of it!! Whether your child is turning 1 or 18 they will always want a slice after making a wish!

  16. hannah says:

    Think outside the box for party bags – some of the best things we have been given and dished out have not been typical. What about a book – you can often get deals to pick up lots of books cheaply like early readers ones or mr men. Also make the food part of the party; there is nothing more fun than decorating a pizza.

  17. Angie daly says:

    Our girls are both very little – but we have very relaxed family parties, where everyone is welcome and the parties last all day!!

  18. Joanne says:

    Themed dressing up party with lots party games, bubbles, balloons especially rocket 1’s blow them up loose them off great fun chasing after them

  19. Sarah Barnett says:

    We always have the normal party games, and fun food. bouncy castle if weather is good and all the kids always love the rainbow jelly.

  20. Amber Russell says:

    Movies under the stars! In a reasonably sized backyard, have all the kiddos bring their sleeping bags and as many pillows and blankets as humanly possible. Have a great film projected on the side of the house and watch away! There can be a popcorn and beverage stand ready yum!

  21. Suzanne says:

    Party boxes for the party tea. Easy to pop up, cheap to buy and all the prep before the party. Saves time clearing up too.

  22. Kerryn Newton-Edwards says:

    Jelly boats, cut an orange in half take out the contets.and fill with jelly and put in the fridge to set xxx

  23. Sobia Khan says:

    Do a treasure hunt or pass the parcel so none gets upset for not winning or getting anything.Writing or paintiing done by all invited kids on birthdayboy’s or girls spare shirt so that they have something left to them to remember their special day . Don’t forget lots of balloons, food and capturing lots of pictures.

  24. Aimee E says:

    A seaside themed party is great fun and with a giant piece of cardboard and some paint you can make a unique face in the hole picture for those photos!
    A sandpit, some fishfingers and chips to get you in the mood. Pin the tail on the donkey and catch the fish in the padding pool make good party games party games.

  25. Holly says:

    My top tip would be to not put too much into the party, with my eldests first 3 birthdays I was so busy planning everything and making sure everything was perfect I didn’t allow myself to enjoy it. If a guest was late or didn’t turn up I felt deflated. Now I make sure as long as my own child can enjoy it as much as they can it’s a good party! I sort some games and food and let it go with the flow and so far it’s worked well for us!!

  26. Sacha says:

    My sons birthday party is this coming sunday – we have planned a pinata, kids will be making their own birthday cupcakes so we will be doing some make and bake and fun decorating… Party is themed so boys will be dressed as k ights (party bags to include sponge sworda and ahields) and girls and princesses ‘(tiaras wands and fairy dust). Ill be making colourfull and shaped snacks and facepainting for all! Great weather forecasted for this weekend ao the dollhouse outside will become a castle and we will see the childrens imaginations go wild whilst the grownups and myself relax with a glass of sparkling lemonade 😉…..

  27. Nuala Rees says:

    My main tip would be don’t have the party too late in the day. Any thing after six is a no no tired children are a exhausting and have very low tolerance. Go for half four, five time and get hot food that way they can have a play and proper meal, sing happy birthday etc.
    Tip for going to a party would be to cello-tape card to present that way they will stay together and when the child gets home and opens present they will know who got what?

  28. My Kids love Ben & Holly no matter how many times they have seen it they still love to watch even my eldest almost 7 still enjoys it.
    Big fans, will have to check out these lovely books for my little boys.

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