Ladybird activity books – let’s stick and play…and learn!

What child (and let’s be honest, what parent) doesn’t enjoy an activity book? They are so much fun to do and if there are stickers too, well that’s the icing on the cake! You will probably pick up some activity books for your child this summer as something to do to while away a long journey or simply to pull out of the hat as a treat one afternoon during the holidays. The good news is, that while your little one is peeling, and sticking, or colouring in and drawing, they are not just filling time; there is educational thinking behind our activity books and while they are playing, they are also learning.

Ben and holly    Topsytimschool

Ladybird has a whole range of lovely sticker and activity books. We’ve picked out a few favourites and asked Editor Stephanie Yearwood and Editorial Director Leanne Gill to give us a bit more background into the books and in what way they are helping children learn.

There are fun sticker storybook versions available of the much loved Topsy and Tim classic stories  Start School, Learn to Swim, Have a Birthday Party and Go on an Aeroplane. One great benefit of sticker books is the way that they help to aid dexterity, encouraging children to use their hands to complete tasks. In these sticker storybooks children are also encouraged to take part in the story by filling in missing words with the appropriate picture sticker. The stickers contain the written word, too, helping children to link words to pictures and extend their vocabulary through recognition and naming. Children will really feel like they are making the story happen with this complimentary addition to the classic books!

TopsyTimspreadTopsy and Tim Go on an Aeroplane – Stickerstory Book

In the Topsy and Tim TV tie-in sticker activity books, children match stickers to their outlines and link words to sticker-pictures, resulting in a real meaningful interaction with every page. The stickers have a very practical function as they are also used to enhance activities – adding exciting decoration and providing the essential finishes to the fun activities. These books provide hours of entertainment for Topsy and Tim fans as well as invaluable educational practice!

Topsytimbusy   Topsytimbusy2

Peppa fan(s) in your house? The new wipe-clean Practise with Peppa activity books include favourite characters in gentle learning activities, helping young readers feel like they’re playing while gaining the additional benefits of developing essential new skills. Parents can help their children get ready for starting school by sitting down with these easy to use Peppa Pig books and following the simple instructions.

Peppa Spread
The wipe clean pages (and free pen!), allow children to rub out their efforts and try again and again if they choose to. These books are perfect for improving pen control and learning first letters and numbers.

The Ladybird Stick and Play series of sticker activity books are great fun for children aged 3 to 5 years who are curious about the world around them. There are currently eight books in the series, featuring themes that will really appeal to children and lots of fun activities designed to stimulate and encourage imaginative play.

Doodling for girls

The colouring activities encourage children to practise pencil skills and dexterity, and they can enhance their drawings and doodles with the oodles of stickers included in these books. The places shown in the books range from the supermarket to outer space, providing both the comfort of the familiar and the excitement of the unknown. There are instructions, which give a gentle educational approach to activities, such as ‘count the number of pirate hats and find the matching stickers to dress up your pirate crew!’

To see the full range of Ladybird sticker activity books, visit our bookshop, where you’ll find all the books featured in this post, plus activity books for Skullabones Island, Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom, Pirate Pete and Princess Polly and many more!

One thought on “Ladybird activity books – let’s stick and play…and learn!

  1. Fantastic activity books, the best things to bring on holidays, my kids get hours out of sticker and activity books and they can do them anywhere, even in the car, the restaurant or on a plane. These are a great age range too not just for little ones, plenty here for 5-8 year olds too.

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