My Little Big Moments by LadybirdMum

Thanks to LadybirdMum for sharing her own #LittleBigMoments with us in this lovely post…


When Ladybird asked me to be part of their delightful #LittleBigMoments campaign, I wasn’t concerned with what to write, but rather, what not to write. Where to even begin?

The very early days with Zach are now something of a blur; becoming a mum has done my memory no favours. I’m glad I decided to write so much of it down, because what are all of these moments for if not to cherish? Most of them anyway; we don’t need to dwell on that first explosion of sick or wee all over the walls.

The big ones are undeniably thrilling; first smile, first crawl, first tooth, first steps, first words. There are ‘Baby’s First . . .’ memory books dedicated to these moments up and down the land. But what of the other #LittleBigMoments, which take you by surprise and make you laugh or cry or sigh or all three? Moments you wish you’d snapped and thought ‘I mustn’t forget this.’ Then if you’re anything like me, you’re soon pondering ‘Now what was it I didn’t want to forget?’

In order to keep it short and sweet, here are four favourite #LittleBig moments, in no particular order:

The case(s) of mistaken identity

Everyone has a tale from childhood of mortifying their parents for the first time. I blush easily, so you can imagine the colour I went when, during a crowded tube ride, Zach looked up at a very young, super-cool-looking man, pointed at him, beamed and squealed ‘DADDY, DADDY!’ Thank goodness he was wearing headphones. Not long after, on a train journey up to the Midlands, a mid-thirties-looking man with a big beard was waiting next to us as the train pulled in. Suddenly, Zach pointed up, beamed and as I thought ‘Oh no!’ he exclaimed ‘GRANDAD! That’s my GRANDAD!’ Luckily, Not-Grandad laughed as I turned the colour of the Virgin train seats.

The one where his hair got away

Zach didn’t have his first haircut until he was two years and two weeks old. Long hair suits him, and it wasn’t even that long. Not that you’d know it from the many requests we had from assorted family members to Just Cut His Hair. The more this occurred, the more I refused, obviously. Things came to a head (sorry) when I had to Kirby grip his fringe, so the appointment was booked. However, I was dreading it; it just seemed like such a grown-up thing to do. We talked him through it and tried appeasing him with Thomas episodes, but to no avail. He screamed; I comforted him in between snapping pics (terrible mother). As soon as it was done, he was all smiles and demanded to look in the mirror ‘Again, again!’ He looked SO CUTE too. We’re keeping it long though.

He swam, I cried

Just a few weeks ago, on holiday with friends in France, Zach swam with only the aid of his armbands for the first time. It was such a special moment and the timing was perfect, late afternoon with just the three of us at the pool. I didn’t have my phone nearby, so I wasn’t distracted with trying to take pictures – they came the next day. Suddenly Adam was saying ‘Look, look!’ and there was our son, swimming all by himself, with the most wonderful expression of glee and surprise on his little face. I cried – no wait – I sobbed unexpectedly as he swam. I was so proud and overwhelmed by the feeling of ‘He’s not a baby anymore.’ That’s utter rubbish of course. He’ll always be my baby.


True love

Zach is doing and saying many new things, which take us by surprise. Last month, I wore a maxi dress Zach hadn’t seen before. He ran over, exclaiming ‘So pretty mummy, so pretty!’ I opened and closed my mouth a few times; I had no idea where he’d picked this up. He said it again a few days later, when he saw me in a floaty skirt and again I beamed with joy. Then the next day, whilst wearing a towel, he flung his arms around my legs, touched the towel and said ‘Oh look mummy, so pretty!’ Hmmmm. We’re yet to discover his reaction to a long curtain. But let’s end on another moment of pure, heart-bursting joy. Last week, as I finished getting ready to go out, my little boy said (completely unprompted and not replying to me saying it first) ‘I love you, mummy.’ My eyes brimmed with hot tears and I grinned like a fool. Now that is a BIG moment to cherish – and one my sieve brain won’t ever forget.

I’d love to hear your own #LittleBigMoments, please share them in the comments section below or on the Ladybird Twitter or Facebook pages. Thank you for reading.

One thought on “My Little Big Moments by LadybirdMum

  1. Lisa Webber says:

    A little big moment that completely side swiped me this weekend from Edward… “Mummy, I don’t like you, I love you to the moon and back” …cue tears and lots of them! X

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