Bedtime. Sleepytime. It’s time for ‘The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep’.

TheRabbit_blogbanner2When Roger can’t fall asleep, Mummy Rabbit takes him to see Uncle Yawn, who knows just what to do…

Are bedtimes tricky in your house? Do your little ones find it hard to settle down to sleep? Tired parents, help is here with The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep! This no.1 bestseller and ground-breaking bedtime book by Carl-Johan Forssén Ehrlin is a simple story which uses an innovative technique to bring a calm end to your child’s day, helping them relax and fall asleep.

The Rabbitphoto

And in practice? Let’s hear from a few of the parents who have taken to the Ladybird social channels to let us know how the book is changing bedtimes in their house:

“Works like a dream on my 3 year old boy. We’ve gone from a 2 hour bed time regime to 30 minutes at most.”  Elizabeth Bowker

Rabbit book

“Been using it for two weeks on a child who normally fights sleep. She is flat out before I’m halfway through. It’s great! Kizzy Bean

“It really works for my son. I don’t use it every night but when I do instead of taking over an hour to sleep and waking up 5 times in the night, he goes to sleep either during the story or within 5 minutes and says asleep all night AND the teachers at school always report what a good day he has!'” Lorna Cooke


Asleep! Photo: Katy North

“Got this book for my 3 year old twins who never went down to bed just fell asleep on the sofa. Since we have got this book every night they are down into bed to hear about roger the rabbit and sleeping within 15 mins max !!! Def worth a buy !! I never thought it would work as good as it did!” Jennifer Cunningham

Brilliant book! Took a few reads when I first got it. But now my 5 year old never makes it to the end of the story before falling asleep. It honestly has made bed time in my house much much less stressful.” Caroline McCarthy


“Love this book! But definitely think you have to read the instructions on how to read this correctly to your child as is all in the tone of your voice and how you emphasise the words otherwise I don’t believe it will work as well. Worked on my 2 year old instantly!” Nikita O’Neal

“The trouble isn’t staying asleep, it’s going to sleep and more importantly going to sleep in his own bed…This book has transformed our bedtime routine and I can’t believe it took something as simple as a book to do it. I think the technique is amazing and definitely recommend it to ALL parents!”
Mandy, Mummy Blogger Raising the Rainbows.
Read Mandy’s full review of The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep here.

We love hearing from mums and dads about how the book is working for you. You can read more testimonies from parents on Facebook and Twitter. Please keep adding your views.

The book is also available as an audiobook and you can listen to an excerpt on SoundCloud.


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