Let’s celebrate ‘Happy!’

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What makes your children happy? Hugs? Playing in the sunshine? A favourite toy?

Pharrell Williams’ new book Happy! is a picture book celebrating what it means to be happy. Reading the book is as uplifting as listening to the song, the well loved words accompanied by colourful photographs of excited and happy children. We hope you and your little ones enjoy the book, can you resist humming along as you read…?

Here’s Pharrell, talking to a group of children to find out what makes them happy.

Celebrate happiness with these fun activity sheets and ‘You make me happy!’ card. Guaranteed to cheer up a rainy day!





happy prize2

This competition has now closed. Thank you to everyone who entered and for letting us know what makes your little one happy! The winners have been selected and notified by email.

10 thoughts on “Let’s celebrate ‘Happy!’

  1. Jayne says:

    Funny noises or faces are always a hit with my 2 boys I can even combat some (all be it small) tantrums with a funny face 😆

  2. Harley says:

    The sound of my childrens laughter, I love when I cooking in the kitchen and can hear the sound of them giggling to each other coming from the living room!

  3. Janette says:

    My little girl is at her happiest when she’s sitting in her reading room (teepee) with a new book or making something from her vast array of craft supplies. My little boy is happiest when performing to an audience lol.

  4. Jane Trobridge says:

    The thing that makes my daughter happiest is twirling round and round and round until she falls over.
    That and her kitten Ziggy standing on his back legs to lick her “Marmite finger” at breakfast.

  5. Marya says:

    What makes my 15 month old baby boy happy is when I play this game with with him where we make funny noises with our mouths then we clap our hands together and shout aaaaaa LOL

  6. Amy Tidd says:

    My son is such a happy cheerful soul, I would say the thing that probably makes him the most happy is music! He loves singing and dancing! In fact he’s pretty obsessed with Pharrell Williams song ‘happy’ and copies the dance moves on the video!

  7. Stacey Chapman says:

    The thing that makes my daughter the happiest is spending time with mummy. She loves it when we spend quality time together, whether that’s reading a book, making cakes, playing a game or just having cuddles!

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