Knitting a Clanger: a knit one, purl one epic

Hi, I’m Charlie Parker – knitting enthusiast and lifelong Clanger fan. My lovely friends at Ladybird recently got in touch to let me know about the new Clangers series on Cbeebies and the lovely books they have created to go with the series.



I know the Clangers from my childhood, and also from my mum who was a big fan and constantly replicated the tell tale Clangers whistle at home; naturally I was excited!

This excitement grew to fever pitch when I understood there was a knitting project afoot. A huge bag of pink wool arrived along with a whistle-worthy ‘Knit your own Clanger’ pattern and I was in my element. Never one to balk at any kind of craft project, I quickly snapped up the opportunity to knit a Clanger to decorate the office shelves (and keep the books company of course).

The pattern is for Tiny. In the new series, Tiny is the younger sister of Small. She is lively and creative but she has a softer, more subtle way about her. She loves and participates in all music the planet has to offer, particularly the Music Trees.

The pattern is a lot of fun to do, but certainly a challenge. I’ve found out that a Clanger is not a simple thing to knit (unless you’re a pro-knitter of the ilk from those Shreddies adverts!); perhaps because they hang out with the Soup Dragon, or perhaps because they live in outer space and need to be rather hardy. Whatever the reason, I can tell you that they are tricky little creatures to craft.

Near the beginning, I was full of knitter’s courage:


But as I progressed, I wondered how it all fitted together…


So I laid all the knitted pieces out in the hope for some mystic Clangersesque wisdom to get me through to the end:


Stuffing Tiny made me feel a lot better – she finally had that familiar nose we all know and love:


I considered leaving her in her birthday suit, as nature intended.


But I came to my senses and realised that all Clangers need their uniforms:

picture 6

And then she was finished!

picture 7

To use up the leftover wool, and offer something a little more beginner level, I created a Clanger Pom Pom pattern with instructions for how to make a cute pom pom Clanger, a perfect craft project for little ones. 

pom pom2

Download the Pom Pom Clanger pattern

If you knit Tiny, or make the pom pom Clanger, please post pictures in the comments below, we would love to see the results. Happy Crafting! 

WIN Clangers goodies! 

Clangers prize

This competition has now closed.

Thank you to everyone who has entered our Clangers competition, we have loved reading all the comments about what you and your little ones love about the new Clangers series. The winners have been selected and notified by email.

 Full T&Cs here.

49 thoughts on “Knitting a Clanger: a knit one, purl one epic

  1. Vanessa says:

    My 11m old loves the Clangers and I’m convinced she understands what’s going on without the narration. I’d love to knit her a Clanger for her first birthday. My favourite episode so far is the one where Grandad Clanger invents a knitting machine so Granny Clanger doesn’t have to knit all the time, only to discover that she isn’t herself when she isn’t knitting. Very true!

  2. As soon as my Leo hears the theme he’s crawling as fast as he can to get near the TV! Then as Michael Palin starts that is it, he’s clapping and smiling. My only problem is when the end of the program comes back on we often have tears X

  3. Vicki Wilson says:

    My 3 year old and 10 month old love watching the Clangers. Which I love as I used to watch it as a child also, so brings back lots of lovely childhood memories. The soup dragon is a favoured character with us 🙂

  4. Siobhan Morton-Roberts says:

    The kids all love the Soup Dragon and for me it has to be the fact that is narrated by the wonderfully talented Michael Palin. He has one of those voices that I could listen to for hours. X

  5. Kerry Salt says:

    I loved the Clangers & amazingly my visually impaired oxygen dependable 8yr old severely disabled son smiles when he hears it on tv 😍😍

  6. Vickie Hamilton says:

    Great revival of a great programme, my 5yr old loves everything about it and shouts at the top of his voice when it comes on “Mommy come on it’s on” time to sit down and enjoy it together 🙂

  7. Elizabeth Marshall says:

    I didn’t know this was a competition too! 😀
    Thoroughly LOVE this guide to making your own Clanger. I personally love them because they’re cute!
    I don’t have kids but it is my mom who is the Clanger fanatic. Yes, my mom.
    She watched the show when she was a kid and loved the, always catching reruns. Now there is a new series she can enjoy them all over again!
    She used to have a Clanger on her keychain but lost it. I’d love to make her her very own mini Clanger. Too cute! Love this! 😀

  8. Claire Hollick says:

    My 10 month old Henry loves the clangers, even just hearing the them tune brings a big smile to his face and thats it, he’s mesmerised from start to finish!! We would love this goody bag although I think grandma would need to be roped in to knitting us a clanger 🙂

  9. Caroline Smith says:

    My girls love the Soup Dragon – they are convinced that the Clangers are on the moon eating soup and blue string!

  10. Melanie Daniels says:

    I love that the new series has retained the whimsical charm of the original, while still bringing it up to date for a new generation, and my daughter loves the baby soup dragon 🙂

  11. Sarah Norman says:

    I don’t know what it is that mine love about it, two of them are only 16 months, so they can’t tell me yet 😉 I love the noises though 🙂

  12. Emma Fox says:

    My son loved the episode when the baby Soup Dragon became and Clanger for the day. I love that that programme has caught the imagination of my son who generally watches TMNT and Scooby-Doo. It’s nice to watch something that is calming and innocent for a change! Somewhat ironically a knitted Clanger is on his Christmas list!

  13. Alison Turnnidge says:

    I loved The Clangers when I was little and now my almost five year old enjoys it, she enjoys watching what they get up to

  14. Sam Goodwin says:

    My sons love the new Clangers series, they are mesmerised by it and find it very entertaining!
    I love it because the original Clangers was created by Peter Firmin and Oliver Postgate in Canterbury where I live, and I used to work in the museum where some of the original Clangers are on display! I remember watching it as a child 🙂

  15. Helen says:

    I missed out on watching the Clangers as a child (too young! sob!), so it’s wonderful to discover them alongside my own little ones.

  16. Rosemary Hayward says:

    I am a major Soup Dragon fan. I love the fact that I can watch it with my 1 year old and my husband and it’s just as good on the second or third viewing. My favourite episodes are the Eggbots, as it’s such a clever one, and the one where Baby Soup Dragon becomes a Clanger.

  17. Caroline Aisthorpe-Chambers says:

    My Family love the Clangers as my Husband and I return to our childhood while our 3 girls enjoy them anew.

  18. Debbie Beville says:

    For me I love watching my husband and boys sitting on the settee making clanger noises and roaring with laughter together. There is something timeless about it

  19. Elaine F says:

    I love that the new Clangers series has stayed true to the original series with how the clangers are made and talk and the magical touches that have been added are also in keeping. Also the stories are educational for little ones on how good it is to be kind and helpful. Can’t wait to get a Skymoo knitting pattern either 🙂

  20. Gill Nixon says:

    Have knitted two for my granddaughter, one on bigger needles to make Small too, she is besotted with Clangers and her 4th birthday party was Clanger themed with planet cake and costumes.

  21. rebecca bell says:

    My little girl loves the clangers and we watch it on repeat daily. She is getting some clanger goodies for Xmas so these would be a perfect addition 🙂

  22. nicola says:

    Both my two (4 & 2) are transfixed, love them all. As soon as they hear the music they run to the telly and gives me time to dish up tea!

  23. absolutely love the clangers and had made each of my girls (who are 13 and 16 !) one each within a week of seeing the pattern. They have some very jealous friends. You are never too old to love the clangers

  24. Brian Corrigan says:

    I still have Clangers from the first series, and once won DVD by whistling down the phone to a radio station. I love The Clangers

  25. Lauren Conway says:

    I love the Clangers and thankfully so does my son Oliver. He’s 15 months and his favourites are currently the sky moos, he moos at the tv whenever they’re on 🙂

  26. Debbie Palmer says:

    My mum, dad, partner and myself all sat quietly and watched the Clangers with huge grins on our faces (a combined age of 248!). Long live the Clangers!

  27. I missed out on The Clangers as a child so have thoroughly enjoyed sitting with my little boy Jim to watch them. It’s such a beautiful series. The music has him racing to watch as fast as his little knees can carry him and they always make him smile and laugh, especially the music the boat makes. Happy times 🙂

    (And I started learning to knit during his naps when on maternity leave, so will have to try it the above pattern when I’m a little more practised!).

  28. Victoria Boulton says:

    My little boy gets so excited when he hears the theme music. We love to sit together and listen to the music and the stories. His favourites are the crystal trees and the singing flowers, I prefer that crazy chicken and Majors inventions! 😀

  29. Sherri says:

    I am actually considering learning to knit so I can (eventually!) create a Clanger after reading this. My three year old adores them all, she loves their little faces and the stories. We saw a beautiful knitted wall hanging of different book covers in our library and she spotted the Clangers instantly then asked me to take a photo of it 🙂

  30. I watched the Clangers with my daughter when she was small and now I have the joy of introducing them to my toddler grand-daughter all over again. Thank you muchly for the knitting and stitching advice, I loved Small the first time round and he is still my favourite. 😊

  31. Sally Pointer says:

    I loved the Clangers first time around and the new seies is still a delight. Am particularly enjoying watching it with my 3yr old niece

  32. Heather Simpson says:

    I love the lovely sky moo, they look squishy and soft and mooey and I would love to see one fly past my skylight. I love your sparkly tiny clanger.

  33. Maria says:

    Our family think the Clangers are simlply awesome! I am so pleased they enjoy the new programs as I remember watching the original in awe myself as a child.
    As a nanny years ago I dressed a wee girl as Tiny Clanger for a fancy dress party. So cute. I would love to knit Tiny Clanger now.

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